Vipassana Meditation is a simple powerful meditation technique practiced by many people, all over the world.

You might have heard of vipassana retreats where this meditation is taught and practiced for specific durations. ‘Vipassana’ actually means insightfulness.

By setting aside some precious minutes, every day, to practice insightfulness or mindfulness, which forms the core of vipassana, the practitioners learn to appreciate the value of life.

A simple and easy way to practice insightfulness is to sit in a relaxed and calm posture and observe one’s breathing pattern – the movements of the abdomen as one breathes. The mind, in order to concentrate, requires an object.

What would be better than observing one’s breathing which would be there as long as one is alive! This is only the basic and first practice in vipassana. As one continues the practice, he is lead to advanced ways of vipassana meditation. These sessions also include periods when strict silence is practiced for a number of days, at a stretch.

Let Us Look At The Benefits Of Doing Vipassana Meditation, Regularly:


Vipassana meditation is all about mindfulness. As you practice this meditation, you will gradually learn to be more alert and aware. Right from your breathing to the way you eat your food, you start becoming more aware of things and events.

Being Impartial And Non-Judgemental:

For a beginner of vipassana meditation, it would be rather difficult to close the eyes and observe the breathing. Actually, the mind is inundated with a million thoughts that have absolutely no connection with one another.

However, vipassana is all about being impartial and non-judgemental. You will start seeing those thoughts as mere experiences instead of judging, naming or trying to re-experience them. Instead of trying hard to control and concentrate, this meditation is all about ‘let go’!

Improved Focus And Memory:

By practicing this meditation, you are subtly bringing back your mind from constant wandering. Regular practice results in improved focus as the mind is not diverted by irrelevant thoughts. Focus brings greater clarity and thus a better solution to any problem.

Children who practice vipassana meditation can easily improve their memories. Thus, they can excel in their studies.

Greater Harmony And Peace:

Practitioners of Vipassana meditation become compassionate and grateful This makes them set aside their egos and become more humble. When the world is populated by such people, it results in greater harmony and peace.

Ridding Feelings Of Jealousy And Envy:

Practicing insightful meditation makes a person, self-aware. Such a person would know what his strengths and weaknesses are. Thus, he can overcome feelings of jealousy and envy which are often the result of a fear of failure.

Wisdom And Intuition:

The disciplined practice of meditation opens up the higher realms of the mind. The practitioner gains rare experiences while meditating. The impermanence of the body and our material possessions are understood. This provides great wisdom to the person who regularly practices this kind of meditation.

Similarly, apart from being aware of the five senses of the body like sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, a sixth sense, that of intuition develops insincere practitioners.

Improves Overall Health:

Vipassana meditation has a great effect on physical health. When you start focussing on breath during meditation, the faulty and inadequate respiration process gets corrected.

With a proper supply of oxygen to various organs, the circulation of blood to various parts of the body improves too. Similarly, vipassana teaches one to disassociate from any kind of bodily pains and aches. Many practitioners have reported that their pains have vanished by regularly practicing this kind of meditation.

Start small. Even trying for a few minutes a day, initially, is fine. Making an effort is the most important thing.


*This article was originally published at by Anuradha Krishnan.