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People and Trees: An Intimate Connection
August 18, 2017

Through the ages and in all corners of the globe, people have looked to trees to make sense of our lives, honoring their transcendental qualities in a variety of ways. How has our interconnectedness with trees manifested itself? The answers are many, but these pages present just a few examples. Culled from my own experience...

Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres
August 17, 2017

Music of the Spheres is an expression that refers to the entwined relationship connecting the structures of music and those of the physical world, and a conscious awareness of mystical or spiritual qualities being transmitted through-composed sound. It is said that the great philosopher Pythagoras learned and developed this concept after studying in Egypt in...

The Vortex Energy Around Sacred Sites
August 13, 2017

I want to talk about vortex energy here because we need this information in order to understand the energies that exist around the world’s Sacred Sites. In this discussion, I will not try to interpret the underlying meaning of this energy. My purpose is only to bring your attention to the fact that these energies...

History and Origin of Chinese Feng Shui
August 11, 2017

Feng shui is also known as ‘Kanyu‘ which is the art of placing and situating a building so that it is in harmony with its surroundings. According to feng shui, cultural and social issues are influenced by natural, metaphysical and cosmological factors. To use feng shui one needs to understand the influence of cosmology on...

Chaco Canyon: A Mystical Place in the Desert

Chaco Canyon is a shallow, ten-mile canyon situated in the northwest corner of New Mexico. Seventy miles from the nearest town and accessible only by washboard dirt roads, it’s remote by today’s standards. The canyon itself has been carved from ancient sea beds by centuries of erosion. Millions of years of history reveal themselves in...

Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sacred Sound
August 7, 2017

The beginning of a fascinating adventure and my initiation into the Nada Yoga tradition. The first time I went to India, little did I know that my life was going to completely change. I know, many people come back from India saying they transformed. It happened to me, too. At that time, I was a...

Eye of Horus: Powerful Symbol from Ancient Egypt

The Eye of Horus was a powerful protection symbol from Ancient Egypt. It is also known as the Wedjat, it was a sacred symbol to protect anything behind it. It is the “All seeing Eye”. It is a symbol of great God power. Many people wear the Eye of Horus as an amulet to protect...

Bodh Gaya: The City of Enlightenment
August 2, 2017

Situated on the bank of river Niranjana, in the Indian state of Bihar, lies the small town of Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya, or Buddha-Gaya as it was popularly called in the 19th century, is a sacred place for Buddhists all over the world. As this is where Prince Siddhartha became Buddha, the enlightened one. Of...

Reiki: Hands on Healing With the Energy of Life

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique for healing, relaxation, and stress reduction. The healing energy of Reiki is transmitted through the palms of the hands. Some Reiki healers, then, practice the laying on of hands to transmit healing energy to others, while some healers practice a no-touch Reiki where the palms of the hands are...

Synchronicity: Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

Have you stumbled upon an old friend? Seeing someone doing the same thing or speaking the same words as you? Or maybe experienced an accident? Are you thinking ‘Oh! What a coincidence!’ or ‘I could skip accidents like this…’ Well, you shouldn’t, because every single coincidence brings a message to you. In fact, there are...