Chakra meditation is one method of meditation, which involves tapping into your seven chakras and accessing the power associated with each chakra.

I love this form of meditation as I feel that it builds a beautiful strong spiritual connection within oneself. It doesn’t involve much effort either.

Like the most common method of meditation, all you need is a yoga mat, a quiet space, the perfect music and a dedicated set amount of time for meditation!

What’s so great about chakra meditation?

The benefits of chakra meditation are vast, but I’ve strung together the main benefits of this particular method of meditation. If you don’t already know each chakra has a special power and is located in a specific place in your body.

The way that chakra meditation works towards inner-spiritual connection is that the more you strengthen each chakra (through meditation) you are able to benefit from each particular chakra and its power.

Together the chakras through meditation become stronger and stronger. Giving you access to your inner-spirituality, and of which these are the benefits of chakra meditation.

1. Gather a greater ability to be compassionate towards all living things

Tapping into deep into your soul offers a great sense of peace and love. This sense helps you become a more loving person.

2. Develop incredible willpower

As chakra meditation allows us to build up strength from the core outwards we are able to develop an immense amount of willpower.

Case studies have shown that meditation has led to the ability to quit smoking, and has even seen cases of substance abuse cured.

3. Increased sense of love of life

Life can be hard. Sometimes it can seem like we’re carrying the world on our shoulders. I can guarantee this one thing, after one week of chakra meditation you will find yourself less stressed and enjoying each day more and more.

4. The ability to transform negative into positive

Practicing chakra meditation enlightens us to open our minds when a negative situation arises.

The ability to see that good in the bad gets easier, and your ability to deal with the bad gets easier. You will also be able to learn something from experience, good or bad.

5. Greater ability to heal yourself

Even if you practice chakra meditation everyday stuff can still get to you.

Maybe a sad comment from someone, betrayal of a friend, even the loss of a loved one. This is completely normal. Chakra healing allows us to access the specific place in where we are hurting and mend it.

6. Increase sense of self-worth

By building up inner-strength under it all we are able to realize our self-worth. Plenty of people go day to day, week to week, year to year without realizing their self-worth. Self-worth is key to inner-happiness.

7. Acceptance

When you look in the mirror do you think ‘Hm, I wish my face wasn’t so chubby.’ or ‘Ugh I hate my nose.’. We all have our insecurities, inside and out. Some of us think we are not brave, or smart, or funny or whatever.

It’s time to start looking and start accepting yourself for who you are. Chakra healing allows you to access this acceptance and makes you a stronger person.

8. The strength to go after what you want

With the combination of the benefits of chakra meditation, you’ll finally feel like you can do anything you want. Whether it be a lifelong dream, a new hobby or maybe that special someone.

Benefits of Chakra Meditation2

9. Become more intuitive

Chakra meditation allows us to be more in tune with our emotions. Ever get that feeling that your upset or sad but can’t quite pinpoint the reason?

Chakra meditation makes it easier for you to pinpoint your emotions and the reason you feel the way you do.

10. A clearer and more focused mind

Another awesome benefit of chakra meditation (or even meditation in general) is that your level of concentration, memory, and focus improves tenfold.

With your mind clear from meditation and your emotions all in check you’re able to concentrate on the more day to day stuff!

11. Ease Anxiety

Feel yourself getting panicked over the future? Overly-paranoid about all the avalanche-like outcomes of each situation? Start practicing chakra meditation. It works wonders for anxiety.

Even just practicing it just a couple times a week can help ease anxiety so you can get more enjoyment from the day!


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