Did you know we are in direct control of the energy around us?

Whether we are depressed, angry, or otherwise discontented, we are in the foremost position to change our dispositions.

Learning to take control of the energy around you is one of the first steps to long-term happiness — and will benefit you in any situation.

Dabbling in crystal healing is one way to open yourself up to the energies that be, by enlivening your electromagnetic field with the natural mood boosters of certain crystals and minerals.

Learning to connect with and using crystals and minerals is easily accessible for anyone, and does not require years of mastery to begin enjoying the effects.

Any crystal you work with will develop a special bond with you, transcending geography and any logical thought you can piece together to explain the intangible relationship you will develop with your healing crystals.

Learning to work with crystals and minerals will help you spirit your life’s journey to the purpose; awaken your internal passions and help manifest your desires, pointing your mind and actions to purpose with powerful stones of transformation.

These six crystals are wonderful introductions into the world of crystal healing. They promote spritely happiness and are able to increase energy.

1. Increase Energy with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the ultimate go-to crystals for emotional healing and universal love.

If you’ve been feeling out of tune with the world around you taking up rose quartz in your crystal study will realign your energy to prompt inward and outward love in equal measures.

When we are guided by loving light and energy, we are able to ascend to our full potentials, as we are not bogged down by the weight of hostility or self-inflated ego.

Rose Quartz teaches us how to forgive and accept ourselves and the people around us genuinely.

2. Increase energy with Amethyst

The principal stone of divinity, Amethyst will help you uncover latent spirituality — an essential component of remaining happy and connecting to the universe at large.

Amethyst helps to ground a disquieted mind, and lends itself to acquiring much-needed clarity. Amethyst lifts spirits because it allays mental unrest almost immediately.

When you are stressed or otherwise overwhelmed with turmoil, the soothing nature of amethyst will help you return to peace and remain in tranquil contemplation until a solution for your problem is found.

3. Increase Energy with Larimar

Facilitating calmness and relieving stress wherever it exists, Larimar serves as a font of tranquility and solidarity. Carrying a tumbled piece of Larimar will remind you to remain as the sea, and to roll with any obstacles or changes.

Larimar grants peace of mind and helps to bolster sodden spirits in times of grief. A wonderful crystal to place on your work desk, Larimar helps to raise our vibrations upward to resonate with the universal energies permeating our entire realm.

While working with Larimar, you will feel a distinct wholeness with yourself and the environment around you.

4. Increase Energy with Red & Brecciated Jasper

Perhaps one of the most underrated healing crystals because of its proliferation is Red & Brecciated Jasper. While primarily a stone of protection, Jasper allows users to delve inward to feel wholly complete with oneself.

A stone of action, Jasper sets its users to a purpose and helps to prompt manifestation of goals, ambitions, and dreams cast aside for the immediate needs of daily life.

Red & Brecciated Jasper heals hollow hearts and enlivens one’s sense of self-actualization.

5. Increase energy with Citrine

A font of unending joy and joviality, Citrine helps us remember to never lose the verve of life and encourages us to test our boundaries and limits in the pursuit of happiness.

With an innate ability to cleanse other negatively charged, or overworked, crystals, Citrine super-charges our indwelling spirits in preparation of launching ourselves head first into adventure.

If you need a pick-me-up Citrine is your go-to source of inspiration and energy.

6. Increase Energy with Aventurine

A healing crystal said to invite benevolent elementals into one’s life, Aventurine promotes luck, joy, and lightness of spirit.

Pocket a tumbled Aventurine when you want to invite joy into your everyday travels, or craft a wire-wrapped pendant to wear always.

Aventurine reminds us to herald a healthy respect for nature and the environments around us, working in tandem with our own spirits to raise the vibrations around us.


Author Bio: Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell is a full time blogger and writer covering mental health, addiction, and recovery for Harbor Village. She is finalizing her first book entitled Holistic Healing for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, and is looking for feedback! Email her for more information.

*This article was originally published at www.finerminds.com by Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell.