The DMT trip is without a doubt the most mysterious thing that has entered my life…

The DMT trip comes in two categories which often get confused, a sub-breakthrough and a breakthrough (going to the other side).

While it is the same drug, the experience between these dosages varies tremendously.

Symptoms of a high dose sub-breakthrough “being on the edge”:

  • Still, have a body
  • Aware you’re on DMT
  • No significant alteration of your perception of time
  • Body will remain still
  • Open eye visuals so strong you struggle to see the room, may only see the color of the ceiling in your visuals
  • With eyes closed your vision is surrounded with another “world” with astonishing complexity and beauty
  • A feeling of telepathic communication with entities that usually are composed of geometrical patterns
  • You can articulate the experience

Symptoms of a breakthrough “going to the other side”:

  • Leave your body completely, becoming a spirit “observer” in another dimension
  • Forget that you took DMT
  • Forget you were ever human
  • Body movement ranges from stillness to thrashing violently screaming at the top of your lungs (you’re unaware of this process, it’s only observed by others)
  • Significant alteration of the perception of the time. A sense of eternity “this always was and always will be”.
  • Feelings of terror, frequently a feeling that you have died or are dying
  • Entities and environment take a physical form that’s composed of energy and feel more real than matter
  • Having telepathic communication so strong the “entities” practically control your thoughts
  • When asked to describe you are speechless as it’s utterly indescribable
  • Tremors or “shakes” can persist for up to 3 hours after the experience from residual anxiety
  • Obsession over the experience can be persistent for up to 3 months, after 3 months occasional obsession can occur for years
  • Post-experience your faith or atheism is commonly replaced with a recognition of a spiritual realm

Now that I’ve disclosed that with you, I want to share my overall experience with the DMT trip.

For a long time, my friends and I thought we were breaking through. Sub-breakthroughs can be incredibly intense, I see myself in another dimension so I must have broken though, right?

When you actually breakthrough for the first time there is no question. You just know without a doubt there is no going further than that and coming back from it.

If you stumbled on this article because you’re considering attempting a DMT trip and want to understand the experience – you can’t as words can’t begin to describe a sub-atomic particle fraction of the experience.

If you want to prepare yourself for a DMT breakthrough – that’s utterly impossible no other psychedelic comes within a light-year of DMT in sheer power.

Before I was able to deliver breakthrough dosages with the use of a GVG (Glass Vapor Genie) I respected DMT but after getting a GVG and being able to deliver breakthrough dosages effectively I was terrified of DMT which leads to me putting it down and deciding to myself “I shouldn’t fuck with this.”

Introducing other people to the molecule felt extremely foolish. It felt like I was loading a canon with the cosmos and shooting people point blank in the face. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, but I did.

Vice versa I got to a point where I knew what I was getting myself into and the pre-flight jitters were just too much to overcome. The first time I broke through I jumped off a cliff without any idea of how far it dropped, each consecutive breakthrough after that it was like standing at the edge of this 100 miles high cliff looking down which created this immense hesitation to jump.

I got to a point where I decided I had enough experiences to reflect on, I didn’t really need to overcome the jitters anymore. DMT served its purpose in my life as the most mysterious and profound experience I could ever undergo, and for that I’m grateful, but to try to extend its purpose felt unnecessary.

Feel free to comment below with your experiences!


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