I love working with the earth star chakra. It is an unusual chakra as it is not located within your etheric body.

It is also a chakra that can have a direct and almost immediate effect on your vitality, wellbeing, and connection with the world around you.

Most people associate this chakra with a connection to the earth but you can also increase vitality with the earth star chakra.

The earth star chakra is excellent at increasing overall vitality and wellbeing

The earth star chakra is located outside and below our etheric body. It is positioned about 6 inches below the souls of your feet.

Some traditions place this chakra at around two arms lengths below your feet. Although I personally have never seen an earth star chakra that far down.

This chakra is important for ensuring you are grounded. In addition to this, it strengthens our connection with the earth, nature and our sense of inter-connectivity with all life.

It is through the earth star chakra that we initially receive energies from the earth. These earth energies are rejuvenating, energetically nourishing and loving.

The earth star chakra’s functions

Much focus is often given to the heart and crown chakras for bringing in nourishing, divine and loving energies. However, the soul star chakra can do exactly the same. In addition to this it has the following two advantages:

  • you can sense and feel the energies flowing much easier and,
    the results can be felt almost immediately.
  • If you ever feel unbalanced, ungrounded, disconnected from life or in need of comfort and support it may be beneficial to work with the soul star chakra.

When should you work with the earth star chakra?

Working with the earth star chakra can be beneficial when feeling:

  • ungrounded and light-headed
  • mentally agitated or unable to focus
  • feeling cut off from the word
  • empty and lonely
  • energetically unbalanced
  • in need of an energetic boost
  • working with ancestral lineage
  • connecting quickly with ley lines and energy bodies of the earth.

The earth star chakra is also excellent in increasing overall vitality and well-being. I personally work very often with this chakra when I specifically want to raise vitality and vibration.

How to increase vitality with the earth star chakra

It is very easy to work with the soul star chakra. All it requires is a little visualization or intention. Place your focus on the earth star chakra, about 6 inches below your feet.

Try and visualize the chakra beneath you. Don’t worry if you are not on the ground or are not barefoot. You will still be able to access the chakra.

Imagine the chakra pulling up earth energies into itself. Then the energies are brought up into you via the chakras in the feet. Can you feel the feet chakras spinning? Hold this focus for a few seconds. Feel the nourishing, loving and grounding energy flowing up into your energy bodies.

After a short while, you will start to feel much more grounded and energetically balanced. With a little practice, you will be able to place your focus either directly on the earth star chakra or the chakras in the feet.

This focus will automatically start to bring in these extremely nourishing energies.


*This article was originally published at www.blissfullight.com By Craig MacLennan.