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Welcome to Antaris 2018!

Dear friends of ANTARIS,
dear Antarians!

It is galactically good to know how welcome the starship Antaris is on Mother Earth. Extreme heat, lightning, storms and torrential rain.

In the past years we have had many hardships to endure, but always went through it together and in the end, it was an unforgettable celebration!

Thanks to our wonderful, loyal audience and to the Antaris crew! Motivated by so many laughing, dancing, and happy people, we continue to pursue our vision and mission with heart and soul.

The sense of togetherness was absolutely phenomenal this year. We continue to celebrate our motto: For friendship, peace, freedom and against war!

Laugh & Dance! It’s for your eyes, your ears, and your heart!

ANT-ARIS = AGAINST WAR! For Peace, Friendship, and freedom!

Ticket presale starts on 7th of November 2017.

Get your ticket for Antaris 2018 here.


Airfield Otto-Lilienthal in Rhinow/Stölln.
117 years aviation history and since 2005 Antaris dance history at the oldest airfield in the world.

Otto Lilienthal Airfield in Stölln is not only a wonderful party space, it is also the oldest airfield in the world. Here is where the pioneer, Otto Lilienthal started the first started his first human gliding experiments.

From the festival site near Gollenberg, he made many daring flying experiences. For the anniversary of “100 Jahre Menschenflug/100 years of human flights” on 23rd October 1989 the flight captain, Heinz-Dieter Kahlbach spectacularly landed an Iljuschin II-62 on the 900-meter grass runway.

Later, Otto Lilienthal’s wife Agnes was given the title “Lady Agnes”. So much history – so check out the airplane, it is now an interesting museum which also serves as Registry Office from time to time!

We are proud, in the spirit of this daring pioneer, to have the opportunity to come together and blast off for four days and three nights, in this village steeped in such amazing history.

Thank you!

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