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Welcome to Freqs of Nature 2018!

“Freqs of Nature is committed to encouraging artists of all mediums in exploring the depths of their imagination, to boldly produce work that is beautiful, peculiar and thought-provoking”

Freqs of Nature Festival 2018 will take place in the same location as the previous years, 14913 Niedergörsdorf just 70km south from Berlin center and in very easy reach of public transportation.

..to the location by CAR:

Navi/GPS: Malterhausener Weg 4, 14913 Niedergörsdorf
(A9/E51 – take Exit #4 – Brück)
→ drive to 14913 Niedergörsdorf, Malterhausener Weg 4 → follow Signs…..
(45min. from the Berlin-Border to Festival)
(75min. from the Berlin-Center to Festival)

..Please take your flights to:

Berlin Tegel [TXL]
Schönefeld [SXF]
The opening of the new airport (BER) has been moved to later 2017.

from there take the train to Jüterbog as described here:

..to location by TRAIN:

  • take train to 14913 Jüterbog (Bahnhof/TrainStation)
  • (47 Mintues from Berlin-Hbf → runs every hour!!!)
  • (39 Minutes from Berlin-Südkreuz → runs every hour!!!)

One way 8,50 € / person (Price September 2016) www.vbb-fahrinfo.de
(at the train station Jüterbog you´ll find shuttles & buses to the festival)


Berlin 70 Km – Cottbus 120 Km – Magdeburg 130 Km – Leipzig 140 Km – Frankfurt/O. 150 Km – Dresden 170 Km – Jena 210 Km – Chemnitz 250 Km – Schwerin 270 Km – Hannover 280 Km – Rostock 280 Km – Prag 350 Km – Hamburg 350 Km – Frankfurt/M. 380 Km – Köln 580 Km – Warschau 650 Km – Amsterdam 650 Km – Wien 750 Km – Zürich 800 Km – Budapest 870 Km

The Freqs of Nature crew is overwhelmed by all the positive vibes and blown away by the amount of energy, detail, and creativity created by all of you.

It’s once again been an emotional roller coaster ride into a mind-expanding experience.

Our biggest THANK YOU and love are going out to all the crew, workers, volunteers and of cause artists who form and create this gathering with all its details!

But a festival is only as good as its crowd, so we are deeply thankful and grateful we’ve been honored with the possibility to host such an amazing group of human beings

Its been a hell of a ride with all of you through inner and outer realities and dimensions and we can’t wait to invite you to the next year edition.

As we try to experience the festival as much as possible from the view of a guest and are always open for productive criticism for us the time of reflection and progress is coming, so many more ideas and visions are to be materialised and so many details and things are to be developed further; to never stop the progress!

Last but not least we want to thank the villages and neighbors around us! We know we are not always the easiest neighbors to have and so we are even more grateful for all the positive energy and help we received!

We wish you a happy rest of the festival season!

For more information, please visit:

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