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Welcome to Lost Theory 2018!

Lost Theory began as a dream to build a sustainable project where nature, technology, and creativity collide.

At the heart of this dream was a desire to share and collaborate with as many of you as possible, and to have a serious fun!

Lost Theory Festival took a summer off to work on the ‘Theory behind the Theory.’ We want to build consistency and permanence and have invested time, energy, money and love into the extraordinarily beautiful location of Las Hurdes in Spain.

With the blessing and support of the local community, we have a permanent home for Lost Theory festival 2018, as well as a place for education and integration where we can make a positive collaboration with you and the environment.

We are investing in camping infrastructure, good toilets, showers, irrigation for the dust and shade structures for your comfort and bringing together old and new creativity and connectivity for Lost Theory Festival 2018.


The beautiful border of Sotoserrano & Riomalo De Abajo invites exploration, connection, and transformation; exciting a passion for nature the environment and inspiring our intrinsic creativity.

We are excited to host you at this unique location where the mountains offer panoramic views spanning over the crystal clear waters and evergreen forests.

This area of Spain boasts abundant freshwater and rolling mountains. The valleys and olive orchards serve as idyllic camping spots and the inter wining rivers set the scene for this intimate yet expansive gathering!

The Breathtaking Cascades and secluded freshwater pools surround the festival site; each stage and camping location brings the perfect harmony of sun, shade and swim!

Bordering the majestic Sierras of inland Spain, this relatively undiscovered area is secluded and cozy, a perfect place to get lost!

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Main Stage

Dance through dimensions and explore the magic of mind-expanding psytrance. The ultimate audiovisual experience and experiential artists embraced with natures delights!

Secret Chamber

Enter the chamber and push the boundaries of electronica with experimental and psychedelic techno and progressive. Release the secret from deep inside!

Ambient Garden

Creating peace and relaxation through purity of music and organic decor. Float and flow the ambient way.


A unique, extravagant, visual celebration of psychedelia and the art behind the scene.

Family Area

Within the camping area a shady space for children to and adults to play and learn and connect with nature

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