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Welcome to Vortex Open Source 2018!

Not only do we celebrate the Summer Solstice with our Open Source Festival 2018, but it is our goal to encourage and assist the collaboration of visionaries, as well as the expansion of this awareness to others, sharing the gift of giving without wanting back in return.

The psytrance community, & the electronic music scene in general, as an expression of this integrated remix culture, holds an exceptional power & responsibility for unity, harmony and global respect. We believe that by aligning with the open source paradigm we can unlock this potential as a radical catalyst for change.

As small as this change may be, we recognize the significance of every creative element in the bigger picture and hold conviction in our inherent role as light-workers for conscious metamorphosis.

Across the two decades of our whole-hearted involvement with & allegiance to this community, we have come to know & work with many sensational people from all over the world who already echo this cause.

What better way to express this global TRANCE mogrification than through an international psychedelic Music and Arts Gathering… with a deep passion for the awakening agent of artistic psychedelia, we have carefully selected many of the leading artists of all time – for music, decoration, and visuals – in order to facilitate genuine revival, revitalization and essentially remembrance of Peace, Love, Unity, and Global Respect.

When the music starts flowing through your body & the beat of the drums shakes your chest, feeling like a heartbeat… When the bass crawls up your spine until it fizzles your brain & all you can do is a dance… or spin… in a circle – you understand how the music makes you feel & it is exactly right…

Beings from all walks of life, move as ONE entity & together are able to expand our consciousness, express our innermost emotions, uplift & nourish, not only ourselves but also our brothers & sisters in life.

The Frequency

A musical journey that you don’t just hear, but become part of… 120 Electronic Artists from all over Mother Earth… Synergized in Nature for Five Days, over Three Music Arenas, to Create a Flowing Musical Mosaic of ONE ENERGY & ONE LOVE…

The Circle

Trust in Trance & Prepare to Dance on A State-Of-The-Art Funktion ONE / Turbo-Sound Hybrid, engineered by Trusted Trance Audio Technicians. Combining all genres of Psychedelic Trance, with each in their own space & time, creating a Sonic Journey dedicated to the Art of Transcendental Transformational Dance…

The Headspace

Open your mind & explore a stranger Alternative Sonic Universe. With amazing & varied alternative beats, there are no boundaries & limits in this experimental parallel dance-floor… Expect the unexpected, everything out the box welcome…

The Heartspace

A space of comfort & love, to unwind & rest your mind, body & soul. Dedicated to pure Ambient & Dub sounds & Encircled by the Holistic Workshops, creating a core center for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect.

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