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WAO Festival 2018 aims to spread environmental awareness in order to enable its participants to live their lives in a more mindful, respectful way towards the environment and its inhabitants.

We believe that permaculture is a great tool for human beings to learn how to behave and enjoy the goods of planet Earth while respecting its balance and the other creatures.

We aim to integrate the permaculture principles into the festival experience so that our participants can feel they’re part of the natural environment hosting us. That’s what “We Are One” means to us deeply.

The entire project is focused on bringing together visionary arts, eco-architecture, conscious nutrition, organic food production and sustainable energy.

We invite you to join our 5-day celebrations and experience the alternative lifestyle we propose through the principles of unity, peace, creativity, and sustainability.

WAO Festival 2018 Stages


The dance floor is the place where the individuality dissolves, the hearts beat as one, the spirit rises and the consciousness expands.

Psychedelic trance is the queen of this space. We will be taken through the soundscapes of genres such as progressive, full-on, twilight, forest, darkpsy and hi-tech, in an eclectic and consistent mix of rhythm and auditory experiments.

The Dance Playground represents the convergence of spirit, music, and nature. A concrete experience in a metaphysical world and the authentic moment to experience the true unity and the sense of being here and now.


The top of the mountain, where experimental sounds, art, and landscape merge in a careful integration of nature and technology.

The Alternative Stage is a reflection of how the world of electronic soundscapes is reshaping at the dawn of the new millennium.

The fusion of acoustic sounds and electronic music will be the heart of this space. Bass, dub, glitch, techno, Breakbeat, world music, jazz, fusion, afro and even more genres will fill our hearts in a melting pot of emotions and low frequencies.

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