10 Fairy Tale Places You Won’t Believe They Exist

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Have you ever seen a photo of a place and wondered if it’s actually real?

You might be wondering if it’s a painting or if it has been photoshopped?

Well, we can assure you that these places are actually real.

Below are ten of the most picturesque fairy tale places around the world.

They may look like something out of a fairy tale, but they actually all exist, and you can visit them to see for yourself:

1. Little Venice, Colmar, France

Little-Venice-Colmar-France fairy tale

It looks a little like the real Venice, but this one is in France. Enjoy a gondola tour of the waterways of Little Venice in Colmar for a real romantic escape.

2. Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ta-Prohm-Siem-Reap-Cambodia fairy tale

This glorious ancient temple has been fighting against the power of mother nature for centuries, and the result is this mystical landscape that could be taken straight out of a children’s adventure story.

3. Hoh Rain Forest, Washington, USA

Hoh-Rain-Forest-Washington-USA fairy tale

One of the largest temperate rainforests in the US, the Hoh Rain Forest is located in the Olympic National Park and looks like a fairy may be ready to fly out of the forest at any moment.

Image Credits: www.piriyaphoto.com

4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein-Castle-Bavaria Germany fairy taleThe Romanesque Revival palace, Neuschwanstein Castle is set on a rugged hill in southwest Bavaria, Germany and is a castle that could be a fairy tale.

5. The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

The-Dark-Hedges-Ballymoney-Northern-Ireland fairy tale

A fantastic tree-filled road, The Dark Hedges is like something out of a nightmare or fantastical novel. Expect the unexpected in this mystical place.

Image Credits: www.adrianchandler.com

6. Carmel Village, California, USA

Carmel-Village-California-USA fairy tale

The beautiful seaside town Carmel Village on the west coast of the US in California is an affluent city that is right out of a fairy story.

7. Chateau de Chenonceau, Chenonceaux, France

Chateau-de-Chenonceau-Chenonceaux-France fairy tale

Imagine Cinderella’s fairy tale castle, and then step into Chateau de Chenonceau in France, beautiful both on the inside and outside, the castle is turreted and a stunning white.

8. Historic Center of Cesky Krumlov, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Historic-Center-of-Cesky-Krumlov-Cesky-Krumlov-Czech-Republic fairy tale

A magical place in the heart of Eastern Europe, Cesky Krumlov is overlooked by its impressive 13th-century castle, which features Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque architecture. A place to get lost in winding streets and old magic.

9. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo-Glowworm-Caves-Waitomo-Caves-New-Zealand fairy tale

On the North Island of New Zealand lies the Waitomo Caves, known for its stunning population of glowworms, and not just any glowworms, the worms are a specific species only found here in New Zealand. If you want special – here it is.

10. Quinta De Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

Quinta-De-Regaleira-Sintra-Portugal fairy tale

This real magical well hid deep inside a garden. Quinta De Regaleira in Sintra in Portugal is a World Heritage Site where you can get lost in dreaming what might be down there.

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