A dry cough is a common symptom of asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, and other lung and respiratory infections.

Bouts of coughing usually get worse at night i.e. mostly when one is asleep, early in the morning, after meals and after you’re tired.

A dry cough can be caused by viral infections or allergies. Home remedies for a dry cough are natural ways of easing cough without any side-effects.

Read on to know them.

1. Raw onion juice

Onion juice can effectively treat dry cough and cold. To prepare onion juice, chop one onion or grind it. Now, extract juice from the onion and mix one teaspoon of it with an equal amount of honey.

Leave the mixture for three to four hours to settle down. Take this mixture twice in a day. To treat cold, you can also mix onion juice with a few drops of lemon juice in boiling water.

2. Almond paste

Soak five to seven almonds overnight and peel them off in the morning. Make a fine paste of the peeled almonds and add 20 grams of butter and sugar to it. This paste should be taken two times a day. This is a time-tested remedy for a dry cough.

3. Turmeric milk

This dry cough treatment has been used successfully for centuries now and is scientifically proven.

The warm turmeric milk will calm your throat and help you sleep. Turmeric is a panacea for many problems because it is a natural antibiotic.

4. Ginger

It is considered to be the best antidote to dry a cough. Chewing raw ginger (peeled) with a pinch of salt is the best medication to ease dry cough.

Add an equal amount of sugar and black pepper to the mixture if you cannot eat it and take it along with butter in the morning and evening.

You may also extract ginger juice and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. This mixture should be taken three times a day to get quick relief from coughing fits.

5. Raisins

To prepare raisin sauce, take 100 grams of raisins and grind them with a bowl of water. Now, add the same amount of sugar as in the raisin paste and heat the mixture until it reduces to a sauce-like consistency. Preserve it in a bottle and take 20 grams of it every day before going to bed.

6. Steam

Another time-tested home remedy for dry cough is steam. Inhaling steam from a humidifier helps in loosening the mucus that accumulates in the throat, nasal passages and the chest. You can also take a warm shower.

You may fill a large container with hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam.

If despite taking medications a cough continues, it is advised that you get yourself checked for tuberculosis as a dry cough is one of its symptoms.


*This article was originally published at www.onlymyhealth.com.