Is your spiritual energy flowing or is it blocked?Is your spiritual energy flowing freely or are you blocked?

Difficulties in your life are caused by a blockage of kundalini or vital energy in the body!

And, did you know that you actually get more energy from the infinite energy of the universe than you do from food or other people?

Food only provides some energy – and if your diet is not as healthy as it should be, you are not getting the right nutrients anyway, and certain foods can actually lower your energy.

What about the energy that you get from other people? You may feel energized in the presence of certain people, but when you’re alone, do you feel tired or does your energy remain constant?

What if there were energy that is infinite, renewable and always available?

This energy supply is for you already. Think about the last time you were totally absorbed in something you love to do. Time ceases to exist, and you can easily get through an entire day without once going near the fridge.

You are buzzing with vital energy and somehow, despite the lack of food, you not only survive but thrive. This is because of an abundance of spiritual energy!

This energy is the source energy – the same energy that creates and permeates everything in the universe; it’s the energy that provides the physical fuel you get from food, the emotional fuel that comes from good relationships and your passions, and the mental fuel that comes from your work and life’s purpose.

That goes counter to what most of us have been taught. We’re used to looking at physical energy in terms of resources like oil, food, electricity, etc.

These resources are But what about the difference in your physical energy levels when you’re depressed and your energy levels when you’re happy? Did you eat different food?

Maybe – but overdoing the ice cream can happen when you’re happy too (sometimes, ice cream is JUST the thing to overindulge in!)… the truth is:

Food has little impact on your energy. Mood, on the other hand, has a tremendous impact.

The mood has more impact on your energy than food!Think back to a time in your life when you’ve been extraordinarily sad.

How was your physical energy? Did it really matter what you ate, or did even the healthiest and most comforting foods leave you still feeling sad and lethargic?

How did you feel mentally and emotionally? Was your thinking clear and sharp or foggy and dull? Were you calm and happy or all over the emotional scale?

Now think back to a time when you were exceptionally happy. You might have altogether forgotten to eat! You may have felt that food was not a necessary part of life and you could exist on love.

But sometimes, spiritual energy can be blocked.

The Impact of Spiritual Energy on Your Life

Did you know that You have the ability to block your own energy? Every time you sink into negativity or allow negativity to dominate your thoughts, you are blocking energy.

Anytime you are depressed, angry, frustrated, feeling like ‘the victim’, jealous, resentful, worried, fearful, possessive or if you’re allowing yourself to hang on to any other negative emotion – you have just blocked your spiritual energy.

That’s not to say you should not feel negative emotions! You are human, and you are entitled to feeling unhappy about things; but do you have to hang on to those emotions and allow them to fester and block your energy? No. You can choose to be in the flow.

Life is meant to flow without obstacles. Life is about expansion and evolution but we often create resistance to the natural order of life with our thoughts.

You have the ability to block or free your spiritual energy!Did you know that the most powerful energy-blocker is “NO”?

What does “NO” do to you? It keeps you stuck where you are, afraid to change; causes fearful and worried thoughts of the future; tells the world that you do not want the abundance that is available to you. It says to the world, “I prefer negativity.”

Other people pick up on that vibe, and you’ll notice that if you hang on to your negativity and block your spiritual energy, people will be less inclined to want to be with you and help you in your endeavors.

Enhancing Spiritual Energy

When you say no to possibility; when you say no to abundance; when you say no to change – you are in effect blocking spiritual energy from flowing freely.

If you believe that “the way you are” is cast in stone and that you can’t change, you are shutting off the valve of abundance and well-being.

If you embrace change, though, you open the gates to abundance, happiness, purpose and a truly meaningful life.

How do you embrace and create change in your life?

First, agree to change. You can’t expect any different results in your life unless you improve your skills and learn new, better ways to do things – and if you improve the ways you think and feel! Always remember that you have the power to choose.

You have the power to determine whether you say, “Yes” or “No”. And, you have the choice to remain where you are (choosing inertia). Agree to say “yes” more, even to things that scare you, and you’ll

Agree to change and agree to raise your vibration to increase spiritual energy. Second, agree to raise your vibration. Increase your levels of love, enthusiasm, joy, purpose, creativity, trust, and positive attitudes.

You can choose to feel good and be happy even in the face of unpleasant “reality”. Your thoughts and emotions will raise your vibration and then, your physical reality will quickly start to change as well!


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