To be one of the Indigo Children is a wonderful thing. If you’re on a spiritual journey or quest to reach self-acceptance, there are several questions you may ask yourself, one of which is: Am an Indigo Child?

This leads to further questions, such as How do I know if I am an Indigo Child? What does it mean? Are there others like me?

Indigo Children can be any age. They can be Millennials or Gen-Xers. Some people realize who they are at a younger age; others take a bit longer.

If you’re an Indigo Child, you are part of a beautiful subgroup of Lightworkers who intuitively know how to balance light and dark, and who maintain warrior-like sensibilities.

(Some other subgroups of Lightworkers include: Crystal and Rainbow Children, Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wise Ones, Pleiadeans, as well as others.)

Am I an Indigo Child? 14 Traits of Indigo Children

Indigo Children are compassionate and highly intelligent folks. This list will help you answer the question, Am I an Indigo Child? Take a breath, and see if any of these resonate with your soul:

1. Creative – Indigos may choose careers like writing, painting, sculpting, designing, (and even blogging!) that allow them to have creative outlets.

2. Curious – Indigo Children are also very inquisitive, curious and perhaps even cautious. It is common for Indigo Children to learn the “why” of what they have been asked to do. Learning the “why” of things is very important.

3. Empathic – In addition to creativity and curiosity, Indigo Children have empathic dispositions. Because of their sensitivity, they can have deep connections with people and animals. On the other hand, violence and things like watching the news can be hard for these souls.

4. May Have Rebelled in School – Leading-edge thinkers who have an aversion to pointless, repetitious (school) work.

May have rebelled in school due to restlessness or boredom. Or, due to parental lockdown, didn’t rebel but felt restless. Adult Indigos typically dislike hierarchical systems and embrace self-reliance.

5. A sense of Equality – One of the most beautiful qualities of Indigos is that they accept people for who they are. They believe in equal treatment for all. It’s not uncommon to see them as advocates for groups that struggle with full acceptance into society, such as the LGBT communities.

6. Leaders – Indigo Children show a willingness to be leaders. They aren’t afraid to be trailblazers. Many maintain a positive voice and provide support to their fellow Lightworkers.

7. Problem Solvers – Because they are intellectuals, they enjoy problem-solving. They take an interest in the evolution of social systems like political, medical, educational and legal models.

They are not of the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mindset at all! They deem it their responsibility to change things for the better, for everyone.

14 Signs of Indigo Children and Adults2

8. May Suffer from Anxiety – Many of these sensitive souls suffer from anxiety. Avoiding coffee, energy drinks, etc. is a good idea, so they don’t upset their already “hyper” neurological systems.

Because they are sensitive to the vibrations around them, they can easily get over-stimulated, and therefore, often have issues dealing with anxiety throughout their lives.

9. Psychic Interests – Develop interest in psychic or spiritual study at a young age; feel they have a connection to something bigger than themselves.

10. Have Intuitive/Psychic Gifts – One tell-tale sign that you are an Indigo Child is a strong intuition. You may even know things about people before you meet them and have a strong sense of “knowing” about people and situations or be able to see their aura.

You may have experienced premonitions or be able to communicate with Spirit.

11. Focus – Highly intelligent and can process information quickly, but may feel like their mind is “all over the place”. Can get bored if things don’t happen quickly enough and become frustrated when others can’t “keep up”.

12. Eat Healthy Foods – Mindful of what they put in their bodies. Some choose to live Vegan lifestyles, while others select organic foods, etc.

13. Electrical Sensitivity or Telekinetic – If you have an affinity for short-circuiting mechanical or digital devices, you might be an Indigo Child.

Many have electrical sensitivity and can burst light bulbs when they are upset, have to frequently replace cell phones and other electronics and can’t wear watches, among other things.

14. Greatness – And like many people who desire self-actualization and fulfillment, Indigo Children fervently seek to mean in life. Remember, they are “why” seekers.

They are destined for great things when they stay vigilant with their search for purpose.

You may share several of the characteristics of Indigo Children.

Whether you choose to identify with this group or another (like the Rainbow Children) is up to you. Sit with it in your heart, and you’ll know the answer.

Take comfort knowing that once you identify which group captures the real “you”, there is a large community out there ready to support you.

With support and knowledge, you will be several steps closer to understanding yourself and your needs.


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