The introvert is so underrated: 7 reasons we should appreciate them

While many people see the extrovert as a ball of fun, the introvert can be just as interesting, but only in different ways.

It is true that we all have a bit of an extrovert and introvert in our personalities. It is just that there’s more or less according to our characteristics and who we are as people. While many individuals thrive off the attention of others and find their fulfillment in social circles, others find this same meaning within themselves. Neither is better or worse than the other – they are different sides of a coin.

What defines the introvert

In a world that just keeps chattering on, the introvert listens. Their ideal surroundings are either few people or none. This does not make them antisocial, well, not all the time, but it can make them strong when it comes to being alone.

Although I have heard some rather negative statements about how introverts dislike people, this is not true. They do like other people but don’t have to be around them all the time. And there are so many other great things about the introvert too. Let’s take a look at several of those attributes.

1. Making observations

While extroverts are busy talking about things, the introvert is sitting back making observations about what’s going on. They listen instead of talk, and this helps them gather important information that may be missed by the extrovert while stating their opinions and standpoints. The ability to be silent and soak in information is almost like an introverted superpower, wouldn’t you think?

2. Blending into surroundings

If you’re an outgoing person, it’s not so easy to camouflage yourself from others, and you usually don’t want to do that in the first place. As for the quiet, tucked away individual, blending into the environment is ideal, especially at social gatherings.

You might wonder why the “non-people” would even be at a social event, well, they sometimes get roped into going to such things to make others happy. This is when those chameleons slip back and dissolve into the décor. Yes, introverts love blending in because it protects them from being in those large groups of chattering, overwhelming crowds they try to avoid.

3. Creativity is common

Most introverts are creative people. You will find the introvert painting, writing, playing an instrument, or even enjoying photography. The substance they hold within and refuse to share with everyone around them is usually channeled through these creative gifts.

The funny thing is, by channeling their feelings into their work, they still manage to communicate so much to others, including extroverts who enjoy their work. Picture this: a band filled with introverted musicians entertaining a house full of extroverts. Now, isn’t that interesting?

4. To know thyself

The introvert is an expert on themselves. It may not have started off that way, but due to many traumatic events, special changes, and losses in their lives, they adapted quickly to understanding who they truly were.

Although they may seem to have a low-self-esteem, on the contrary, many of them easily know their worth and feel like they’re good people. The introvert generally has a good idea about the things they love and the things they hate. Unlike many others, there is less indecisiveness with this breed of a human being.

5. Empathetic and sensitive

The introvert is extremely sensitive. This doesn’t mean they get upset easily. It simply means they are in tune with things around them most of the time. When it comes to other people, the introvert can even feel the feelings of the people in their environment or closest to them. It’s called empathy, and the introvert is pretty ingrained with this ability.

6. Genuine connections

While extroverts have many friends, the introvert has few. These few, however, are great quality friends – they are friends who are loyal and less-likely to disappear later. I am introverted, and I have a hand full of friends that, no matter where they go, are always available when I need them. Introverts make real connections with people, not frivolous friendships that come and go.

7. Changing the world

The introvert can change the world, but they will not shine a spotlight on themselves when they do so. They have this innate ability to silently move things around and place people in situations that cause great positive change.

It is not entirely known all the ways in which they do this, but they do. While extroverts do make positive changes, it is usually a few changes that are noticeable right at first. The introverts move sometimes cause butterfly effects which show results much later down the line.

Hooray for the introvert! What would we be without them?

Everybody deserves to be appreciated, the introvert, extrovert, and the ambivert (a strange mixture of the two, I might add). Each person has a special place in this life, and without them, we would be incomplete. So, we love the outgoing personality of the extrovert, and their ability to never really meet a stranger, but we also love our introverts.

So, let us encourage everyone to share who they really are, and in the process, learn all the good things about each one of them.