Jade gemstone is one of the healing stones that has been used extensively in the past, especially in the ancient Eastern civilizations.

This stone is therefore equally an ancient decorative mineral as it is a modern therapeutic tool.

Jades are stones of peace and calm and can be extraordinary helpers and silent companions which are able to delicately promote their beneficial energies to help advance human consciousness to higher levels.

Due to their excellent general effectiveness, jade stones stand side by side with diamonds which are known as the most efficient gemstones of all.

Owing to the widespread beliefs identifying jade as the incarnation of the universal cosmic principles, jade has been treated as royal stone in many different cultures.

Jade is one of the few crystal healing crystals that are unable to hurt you in any respect if you wear it or use it regularly.

We own this to the amazing ability of this stone not to absorb any negative vibration from the surrounding space.

Instead, jade stones are known to be able to protect you from all the negative vibrations that could possibly find their way to your biological energy field.

These stones will constantly irradiate their calming and cleansing vibration strengthening your auric energy. It is capable of establishing strong bonds between the different layers of your mental body and thus enhancing your intellectual potential.

The Eastern civilizations of the more or less distant past have been conscious of its attributes, but unfortunately, quite a few important facts and information regarding crystal healing using jade were lost with the arrival of our materialistic money-oriented society.

Meaning, metaphysical, and healing with jade

Jade responds to the subtle vibrations of planet Neptune. Therefore many souls born in the water signs of the horoscope are especially strongly attracted to this gemstone.

Jade stone affects the feelings and emotions indirectly, but the resulting effect is nevertheless pretty strong since the penetrating ability of this wondrous green stone is persistent and long-lasting even though it is slow.

In principle, it is a stone composed of two different minerals from the same mineral family— jadeite and nephrite — that can be found together in the same gemstone but need not to. In terms of crystal healing, they both have similar interactions but with subtle differences.

If you want to purchase jade for use in crystal therapy, a few words of caution should be said. Very often different types of stones and crystals are offered as jade, being neither jadeite nor nephrite.

Almost, as a rule, many green stones are promoted as jade. Make sure you purchase either jadeite or nephrite no matter what the marketing

The best jades lean toward transparency, and such specimens can have fantastic beauty and strength. Remember that like with all the metaphysical healing stones, the strength of the crystals depends on a great deal on its purity, in other words, transparency.

The colors of jade can vary considerably, starting from the pale cream-white or yellow of nephrite, via the various shades of deep or light green, up to red or even pink

This is one of the crystals suitable for all the signs in the horoscope, and every individual can choose the color of its liking and preference.

Cleansing and Jade Meditation

In China, many statues of goddess Quan Yin are made of jade. Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy and compassion.

She as the protector of children and motherhood is very much adored by the women of Asia. Her jade statues are believed to repel negative energies, especially after heavy domestic fights, disputes, and misunderstandings.

Recently, a huge Buddha statue was made from a large, gem-quality Jade stone. In any case, it is considered one of the most precious stones in Chinese mythology, as valuable as gold in our society.

It belongs to the group of few rare stones and crystals that need not cleansing from the influence of other people’s energy fields.

It always remains clean and calm, spreading its beneficial vibrations all around the space. Still, from time to time purification, either with water or using other stones is advisable.

Jade is a perfect gemstone for inner peace meditation.

Inner calmness is necessary if we want to be able to listen to other people’s communications. If we are restless within, if we have a constant inner dialog, we will not be able to properly understand what it is that other humans want to convey to us.

In order to practice this meditation, take a piece of jade in your hands. Listen to what this mineral has to tell us. Just be there and listen to it.

Do not try to extract anything from it. We need to learn how to listen by carefully holding the stone and letting it reveal its secrets to us. That is the way you should approach other people as well.


*This article was originally published at www.sunnyray.org.