For many people the link between cannabis and creativity is undeniable.

There has been a growing need to conduct further in-depth studies on the relationship between marijuana and creativity. A group of researchers embarked on that research in Australia in 2011.

The researchers conducted an observational study. A few people were recruited from three unique groups of people. The groups are non-drug users, ecstasy users, and cannabis users.

Flyers were posted at a local pub. The snowball sampling method was used. It is a nonscientific method whereby subjects are selected from the associates of a current research subject.

The subjects that will be selected using this method will be more homogenous that if a random sample was used. The study provided some amazing results from both the subjective and objective measurement tools.

Marijuana was not given to the subjects. The study just studied how creativity function among people of various associations.

There has been previous research on marijuana and creativity that explained that marijuana was fatal to constructive reasoning and it reduced output and effectiveness.

An early Harvard study was in line with these claims but there have been recent studies that prove and indicate otherwise. It seems that new facts continue to emerge that stop the unfounded rumors that marijuana was not helpful for the brain’s creativity.

Tufts, the McLean Hospital, and the Harvard Medical School have jointly released their findings that cannabis could be beneficial for the brain. The results of the research showed that cannabis can increase the mental capabilities of humans.

Nowadays there is a huge variety of cannabis strains with each one offering another unique ecstatic experience.

It is good to know that not all of those strains can provide a creative kind of high. It is no secret among Cannabis fans that particular strains have a reputation for stimulating creativity.

One can search among the Sativa dominant strains for the creative types of Cannabis as some of them are very helpful in amplifying creativity and efficient reasoning and output.

Cannabis contains among other substances the famous THC content which causes a surge of dopamine in the brain. As a result, mental and behavioral inhibitors are reduced. This can be seen in the way that those who smoke marijuana exhibit while they are under its effects.

Marijuana and Creativity

When it comes to cannabis there are many known or unknown different properties that impact the human body and mind in several ways.

Some of these Sativa hybrids will be more than helpful to those who try to in helping you concentrate and immerse in activities with impressive results.

It would be easy to just combine the given high with the kind of music you prefer to get to an improved level of concentration that will give you the ability to analyze things, get a helicopter view of any problem or situation and think out of the box.

There was no significant statistical variation among the group in relation to the number of creative ideas that they brought up.

Users of marijuana were the most unique of the lot. Those that used marijuana came up with more unique creative ideas than those in the other groups.

It has been proven that Dopamine is directly connected and related to human motivation.

There are about 90 billion neurons in the human brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s pleasure centers. Dopamine has a great role to play in human creativity. This works in various ways.

Dopamine removes inhibitors to reasoning, boosts awareness and mental abilities. Dopamine supports spontaneous decisions that are responsible for innovative thoughts and creativity. The perspective of one on existence and life is changed as a result of dopamine.

Those that smoke cannabis benefit from this unique viewpoint that spurs them to creativity and unusual artistic thoughts and breakthroughs.

Cannabis causes an increase in the formation of creative ideas, concepts and unusual outlooks on things. Dopamine activates a cognitive and behavior display that encourages creativity and uniqueness.

From an observatory standpoint, however, it is evident that Cannabis holds some skills that fuel the creative mind and enhances cognitive reasoning.

The mental promotion is increased significantly while innovative and inventive thinking will get a definite boost.