What Is the Meaning of 1010? Could It Be Your Angel Number?

Numbers have great meaning. In fact, they are used for more than just mathematical equations. Could there be a special emphasis on the meaning of 1010?

Those who practice spirituality believe in angels. In fact, there are those of us who hold a certain authority enabling the usage of angels to guard us. We call them down to watch over us, go before us and protect our journeys, and even chase away our demons.

But like I said, that’s how spirituality sees it. So, believing in the meaning of 1010 combines this spirituality with numerology. So, is there any truth in this?

The Meaning of 1010 Angel number

While we may call upon angels, or see them represented in decorations in our homes, we cannot deny the strange connection to the number10 10.

When we see this number, we sometimes may get a strange feeling there could be a divine message waiting for us to decipher. There are many reasons and,

You have the support of the universe

When you see the number 1010, one reason could be that you have angels watching over you, or even you have the universe backing your present decisions and way of life. This means you are fully supported and protected, and that is a nice warm feeling, wouldn’t you say?

Since you are supported, you can continue down the road toward your destiny with the help of those ethereal forces represented by the number 10 10. You can always feel safe knowing this because the beings that support you have a good and light-filled vibration.

You are independent

The meaning of 1010 represents an independent person. Maybe you were not so independent before, but now, especially since you are seeing this number, you have grown to appreciate yourself more.

In your independence, you are realizing that you love to learn, and you have fewer regrets about following the herd. The 10 10 meaning says you have taken the right road and you need no one else but yourself to be successful.

Answered prayers

If you pray, then maybe you’ve been praying for something important later. If you’ve been seeing the number 10 10, then those prayers are about to be answered. Also, each time you see this number, give a thankful prayer for what you have now.

Your purpose is about to become clear

The meaning of 1010 sets you up to receive many answers. These answers are not just to do with prayer, but they are answers about your entire purpose in life. Maybe you haven’t chosen the path you trust yet, and this number may be here to help you find that path. You could be getting really close to understanding why you were put on this planet, to begin with.

It’s a humungous answer that so many of us die without ever knowing. Just think, could you be blessed or lucky enough to be getting that push you need to find your purpose? Could the number 10 10 be that flashing light saying, “come, this way, quickly”? Wow! Now, that’s exciting.

A deeper awakening

Maybe the number 1010 isn’t talking about a physical purpose. It could be that seeing the number 10 10 could be signaling a spiritual awakening. You may meditate on a regular basis but feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your spiritual life. Unfortunately, many times this leads to stepping away from your spiritual inner being.

Suddenly, you could start seeing 1010 everywhere, and it could mean you are nearing a spiritual awakening and you should hold on. It could be that you are about to remove the veil on this world and experience and see truths that could propel you into a higher state of consciousness. It is a consciousness that fully understands the 10 10 meaning.

Time to take some action

You know those things you have been putting off, but you know they must be done, yeah those? Well, the 10 10 meaning could be that it’s time to stop procrastinating and take action.

If you know something must be done, it makes no sense to wait. Waiting usually makes the task so much harder to do. So, if you are driving down the road, look at the clock on the radio and it says 10:10, then it’s time to do that thing you want to do. If you see it on television, on the computer, then make your move. It could be that simple.

The importance of numbers

No, numbers are not just for simplicities like 2+2=4 and other equations. Sometimes numbers mean so much more. They can even be used in creating artwork, by integrating measurements with designs.

They can truly be fascinating all on their own. But the meaning of 1010 is blessed and wholesome. It calls to mind a great change for the better, in my opinion.

So, I urge you, when you see this number combination, to now brush it off. Think about how this number can be applied to your life, and how it can really transform the way you think. Yes, always keep learning, and keep asking those questions.