Mooji is a British Jamaican spiritual teacher and author who draws upon the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of nondualism.

He is a disciple of Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) and teaches self-inquiry as taught by Papaji and his master, the Indian sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Mooji is listed in the Watkins Review list of the “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People“.

Mooji was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica to Euphemia Bartlett and Enos Moo-Young.

In 1987, Mooji met a young Christian called Michael who he refers to as a mystic due to the nature of their deep conversations about life, the world, spirituality, and God.

Mooji says that after one evening where they prayed together, “A deep peace arose inside, and that has remained to this day.”

In late 1993, the teachings of the Indian saint Ramakrishna drew Mooji to India. While in India he met his master, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) in Lucknow.

After several months of attending Satsang with Papaji, Mooji wrote him a letter that was read aloud in Satsang.

Mooji says that as Papaji spoke to him, a wave of anger and resistance arose in him, and he only recalls Papaji saying, “If you wish to discover the Truthfully, you must vanish.

Like his spiritual master, H.W.L. Poonja, Mooji’s teachings are simple and accessible and he encourages his followers to avoid the psychological mind’s influence and abide in the Self, which he says is the untouched witness of all phenomenal existence and therefore before any ‘thing’, including thoughts and all that is perceived.

Mooji Quotes:

1. “Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.”

2. “Dying to your own attachments is a beautiful death. Because this death release you into real life. You have to die as a seed to live as a tree.”

3. “Once you begin to recognise the divine gifts in life, you come to see that there are so many. Your life is abundant.”

4. “There have been many yogis who have been doing these things, or have been having these experiences for years – and now they are searching for freedom.”

5. “Live by the light of your own heart… but make sure this heart is silent and empty.”

6. “If you take yourself to be the body and mind only, you will die! When you discover yourself as awareness, the fear of death will not trouble you any longer.”

7. “You have the innate power to discern that a presence is arising within you that is not the mind. The Divine is giving you a kiss from within. And even a lightly blown kiss from God will be enough to stir you into embarking upon the search for freedom. That kiss will set your heart on fire!”

8. “Everything is magical when you see it with your heart.”

9. “While the body is still warm, use this bodily life to rediscover your timeless Being.”

10. “Can you imagine being in a place inside of yourself where you genuinely don’t need to be loved? It’s a very quiet place in which your love becomes open, broad, beautiful, and strong.”

11. “You say you want to get rid of the noise, but you and the noise go together. You have to be you without ‘you’ and all the noise will stop. The real You is the formless witness within. The person, the noisy one, is only imagined. To recognize this is Freedom.”

12. “Throw everything away, forget about it all! You are learning too much, remembering too much, trying too hard . . . relax a little bit, give life a chance to flow its own way, unassisted by your mind and effort. Stop directing the river’s flow.”