The Native American zodiac is quite similar in many respects to the astrologically based Western zodiac that we are most familiar with.

They can be broken down seasonally, into months and moon cycles, and both offer us insights into our overall character and personalities.

While Western zodiac signs are based on and symbolized by constellations in the sky, the Native American ones are represented by animals on the ground called our zodiac animals or birth animals. A common belief shared by many first nation tribes was that every person alive is assigned an animal at birth, and therefore your zodiac animal depends on the date on which you were born.

Just as there are 12 monthly zodiac signs that we’re all very familiar with, there is also a total of 12 animal signs under the Native American zodiac system. And just like your zodiac sign, your Native American sign can reveal a whole lot about your personality, outlook on life, and how you view and move through the world.

If you’d like to learn more about your inner character and figure out what your Native American zodiac sign is, simply look below! You might be surprised to learn something new about yourself, or it may re-affirm what you knew all along. Either way, please pass this on and enjoy!

Native American zodiac:

1. Otter

January 20 – February 18 (Aquarius)- The otter is skilled across the board and hard working, they get even the trickiest things done thanks to their artful and ingenious ways. They are also very expressive, clever, and do well in social settings.

2. Wolf

February 19 – March 20 (Pisces)- The wolf is wild and driven, choosing to follow its instincts and heart above all else. They are canny, spiritual, and need the space and freedom to do their own thing, yet at the same time, they thrive most when emotionally connected to others.

3. Falcon

March 21 – April 19 (Aries)- The falcon is a knowledgeable leader that others turn to for help and advice. They are driven, somewhat impulsive, and energizing to be around. They can be stoic which makes them come off as uncaring in a sense, but they’re anything but that.

4. Beaver

April 20 – May 20 (Taurus)- Beavers are hard working, industrious, and serious. They set goals, get them done, and move quickly on to whatever is next on their list. It’s not all work and no play, they do have a deeper philosophical side and are extremely passionate about the things they love.

5. Deer

May 21 – June 20 (Gemini)- Deer are always alert, they pay attention to even the most minor of details. They don’t ever rush into things, choosing instead to take their time and feel out each new situation they find themselves in. Even so, they are a lot of fun to be around and easy to talk to.

6. Woodpecker

June 21 – July 21 (Cancer)- Woodpeckers are the voice of reason, they see through all the distractions and hone in on the truth. They are protective, caring, balanced, and supportive. When they have your back, you feel safe and secure.

7. Salmon

July 22 – August 21 (Leo)- Salmon are relentless and driven. They surge forward no matter what may be in the way and it’s that intense focus that makes them so roundly admired and looked up to. They are most powerful when they’re aligned with others who share their outlook and pace through life and make wonderful partners.

8. Bear

August 22 – September 21 (Virgo)- Bears are loyal, realistic, and practical. They often have their own way of doing things and stick with what they know best. They’re very fair and balanced, rarely will they let you down, and if they do they’ll always make it up to you.

9. Raven

September 22 – October 22 (Libra)- Ravens are intelligent and highly sophisticated. They use their cleverness to solve whatever problems or issues they come across. They are very exacting and precise in their ways which others tend to confuse with them being hard to please, but they’re simply driven and quite impartial.

10. Snake

October 23 – November 22 (Scorpio)- Snakes are powerful, highly spiritual, and dedicated to the people and causes they believe in. They are always positive, happy, and welcoming, and smiling. Their cheerfulness is infectious and is what gives them the ability to make others feel a lot better by just being around them.

11. Owl

November 23 – December 21 (Sagittarius)- Owls are fun and adventurous, they’re always seeking out entertainment or a new diversion to help keep them busy. They do the best when they’re part of a group and are easy to get along with. They are genuine souls who take the time to truly listen to others and as such they often have excellent advice to give.

12. Goose

December 22 – January 19 (Capricorn)- The goose is a real go-getter if they set their hearts and minds on a goal nothing can distract them. However, they need the support of others to keep them on track and when they have the backing of friends and family, they’re unstoppable. It’s this focused, dogged type of determination that makes them an inspiration and an asset to have on your side.


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