Project Description

DropsArt Visual

DropsArt Visual was founded with the idea to bring the amazing world of art to the visibility of many people who use the art as inspiration.

With the aim to use the power of creation to manage and transform the space, with everything that surrounds it, through the techniques we have created and acquired during our experience.

DropsArt Visual wants to convey to the public that wants to see, the chance to take a dip in a magical reality beyond the rational reality going beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Our mission is to connect art with the creation and the environment. Modify the perceptions with the senses stimulation to create a therapeutical change.

DropsArt Visual  was created by:

  • Adriano Lombardo
  • Valentina Mugnaini
  • Pietro Cavenaghi
  • Elisa Fumagalli
  • Dominga Raso

Born from a careful and constant observation of the evolution of computer resources and social that have managed to move the focus of the company, in some way, to observe for a long time, and a display for a short time our true natural habitat.

The connection with our mother nature and with all that is life. The methods by which DropsArt Visual wants to express these emotions is through various artistic themes ranging from painting to sculpture to the most modern technology to which we have also had to adapt us to evolve and bring art through computer equipment.

The Drops of Competence Area Visual Art’s Environmental Transformation and space.

The tools which it uses to create the various installations are the follow

  • Ableton Live Suite 9
  • Installations for String Art
  • DMX console lights
  • AfterEffects cc
  • Cinema 4D
  • Resolume Arena
  • Photoshop
  • Techniques sculpture
  • Dj techniques
  •  Therapeutical art techniques.

For carving, we mean the modeling of different materials such as clay, plaster, wood, Papier Mache, resins, and much, much more. You know the saying that art has no boundaries? You are right!

We cater to local owners and event organizers who are interested in providing, in the ITS EVENTS alternative services to transform the environment and space on which to host your own target audience.

This service aims to provide a transformation of your environment to expand the individual’s perceptual sensitivity that observes.

DropsArt Visual offers a magical setting and space to be able to immerse your audience in the prime of their imagination through the main ways of being and sensitize society to an artistic culture.

DropsArt Visual stimulate the senses with the union of the arts, to create a new wonderful reality where a therapeutical change is possible.

Contact us for a Free advice and get more info at the number +39 329 86 67 268 or send an email to [email protected]

DropsArt Visual videos:

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