Project Description

George RedHawk

George RedHawk is the innovator, and creator of “The Redhawk Effect”, a technique I developed to apply animation to a single photo!

Welcome to “The World Through My Eyes“. He is a visually impaired/registered blind photo animation “artist” and the creator and innovator of “The RedHawk Effect” of photo animation. And The newest artist signed to NEXT ARTIST, New York talent agency!

Before becoming an unlikely viral GIF art sensation, George Redhawk worked in various areas of medicine, instructing on subjects such as x-ray technology and, rather surprisingly, phlebotomy.

As he tells The Creators Project, he had a fairly productive life doing that. Then, suddenly, Redhawk lost his sight, destroying his career and life in the process.

And even though he continued to teach for four years, Redhawk says he “lost everything”.

Out of desperation, Redhawk began using his remaining sight to find everything beautiful that he could commit to memory — to, as it were, take it with him.“I was obsessed, up day and night, trying to see everything I could.

I was obsessed, up day and night, trying to see everything I could,” Redhawk says. “That led me to an appreciation of art.

This newfound appreciation of art led him to various artists online, and into the world of GIFs, particularly of the morphing variety.