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Mark Golding is an illuminated and incremental soul alchemist, working with kaleidoscopic and iridescent optical geometries.

Following the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, as a means of accessing source and place of origin, whilst using the subtle communication of interspatial energy, organic sacred geometry, color and light that becomes healing magic.

Some words from the Artist:

Life is a flow, a journey of multi-sensory experiences, that I have chosen to record, using the visual medium.

Each drawing explores a specific intention with regard to the viewer’s experience, with nothing being too obscure, esoteric, or wonderful to represent.

Described as ‘Psychoactive Art’ and ‘Healing Mandalas’ my work will engage the viewer on a powerful subliminal level, and activate dormant powers, and create tendencies of inner peace, and initiate profound growth.

My work has been sold in America, Europe, Australia, Great Britain and the Middle East, and has been published in book form.

Considered to be a highly developed exploration of Sacred Geometry, my work has a unique form and manner of visual engagement and sensory activation.

I am highly disciplined, accurate, and precise with my work, and wish to navigate, explore, and record the unexplored, and represent the invisible.

I have, in my time, been a hospital chaplain, a poet, an author, a meditation teacher, a dealer in antiques, an art historian, and a collector of old gemstones.

A Shamanic View

During an ongoing shamanic journey, I recognized that a more evolved, contemporary and organic style of Sacred Geometric structure was being revealed, and in order to communicate the advanced technological, metaphysical, and digital understandings of today, my style was born….


Though not traditional Mandala Art in the strictest sense, my use of centered, focussed, and circular imagery recognizes the manner in which light enters the eye, through the circle that is the iris, and thus creates a lensed subtle resonant engagement.

Originally following the traditions of Sacred Geometry, I realized that the strict geometric form was a taught paradigm revealed by Ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians, in the times when communication and visual alchemy was in its infancy.

I have created an art form, unique and powerful, that is an evolutionary step, a union of the traditions of Shamanic, Visionary, Psychedelic, Magical and Healing Art, that has deep roots within the archetypes of the psyche, and blends with the current research into the study of Neuro Aesthetics, Quantum Tunneling, Heliotherapy, Chromotherapy, Psychology, and Irridology.

My archive holds studies and aspects of many healing modalities, including Dharma, Crystal Healing, Herbalism, Gemstone Healing, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Quantum Theory, Reiki, Alchemy and more, and these individual studies can be integrated into specific healing templates for individuals…

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