All human beings understand number system. All of us live in a physical universe where things come in different numbers, and so different cultures will highlight different numbers as particularly important, ritualize them and make them culturally important.

We see widespread use of the number three in European traditions, but also we see it in selected traditions around the world too.

Number traditions can very, very powerful and connect cultures together. The number 3 represents a portal, a gateway, into another realm. Throughout human history, the number three has always had a unique significance. But Why?

Almost in all ancient culture, the highest once always come as threes. What is it about number three that makes it play such big role in religion, architecture and even the occult?

The Examples

The walls of the Newgrange, Ireland 5000 years old passage tomb are decorated with a mysterious design made up of three connected spirals. Yunnan Province, China. Three 1100 years old Buddhist temples often known as the Three Pagodas form a triangle thought to protect the population from natural disasters.

According to ancient Greek myth, the destiny of gods and men are controlled by all-powerful beings known as the Three Fates.

Various cultures across the world have long shared a belief that the number three represents something sacred, mythical even divine. What is it about this number that has continued to hold such significance for mankind?

The number three comes up many, many times Judeo-Christian scriptures. Jonah is in the belly of the whale for three days. In Genesis, the waters are separated from the earth after three days. In the New Testament, Jesus in the tomb for three days.

Not only this the unique reverence for number three dates back thousands of years. It can be found today in art, architecture, mythology, literature, science, and religion.

In the spiritual belief of many cultures, including ancient India and many parts of Asia, there is a third eye that is located in the middle of the forehead, generally right between the two eyes.

And that is a center of spiritual power. And in some case, it is thought to have supernatural powers.

Third Eye of Lord Shiva

In Hinduism Lord Shiva is often pictured with a trident, the prongs representing his three fundamental powers will, action and knowledge.

He is also often illustrated as having a third eye in the middle of his forehead. According to myth, with this third eye, he can see things which we can’t able to see.

He has clairvoyance. Some story also stats that when his eyes open, it also radiates a lot of energy through that eye. And then he is able to communicate with anyone else because then he is on par with the cosmic frequency.

Triangle the simplest most perfect geometric form. The ancients were certainly intrigued by geometry, indeed sacred geometry.

And certainly a triangle is one those basic archetypal shapes that perhaps is hardwired into the human consciousness, and this may find expression in monuments such as the pyramids.

So there is a sense in which the number three… In the form of the triangle, in the form of the apex of the pyramid… Represents a portal, a gateway into another realm. You might say it’s a realm of the gods!

So, do the three pyramids of the Giza really represent some sort of portal to a divine realm?


Actually, there is something that trying to get our attention, trying to tell us something. We have seen it going back very, very far to the earliest aspects of the human history.

And could there be an extraterrestrial connection? Once we understand this power of three, we ourselves will become like our creators, the Gods. If you think of our lives, we have a past, a present and a future. Our story nearly falls into three.

We see the number three in sacred texts. But why? Is there something within us that is hardwired to understand that three is a sacred number? And where does this come from?


*This article was originally published at By Ivory .