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Prana Mudra as the word itself, suggests “the energy or essence of life” in itself. Among all the energies required for maintaining the balance of nature, prana holds a much higher importance.

The energy of life enlightens and stimulate the whole human body. This energizes the body and awakens all the organs. This mudra enchants the link to the heart and soul of the person.

There is no particular time for performing this Asana/Mudra. But it is always suggested to practice this Mudra in seclusion. Performing this Mudra in a silent room awakens the senses.

The calm and isolated atmosphere helps to get most out of this Mudra.

How Prana Mudra Works?

It works by effective breathing. The effective breathing related to this Mudra helps in the encampment of concentration. The performers usually experience divine peace and help in broadening their mind.

Some people have aesthetic beliefs related to this Mudra. They believe that this Mudra enhances their faith in the divine power and almighty.

The practice of this has instilled indigenous beliefs in the people. This Mudra can be performed in many poses: Padmasana, Vajrasana & Siddhasana.

How To Do Prana Mudra?

Place the tips of the ring finger, thumb, and the little finger together. Let the other two fingers remain stretched.

Prana Mudra Benefits

Breathe slowly and perform proper inhaling and exhaling. This will have an everlasting effect on the concentrative powers of the mind. It should have been done with both the hands.

Benefits Of Prana Mudra

  • The immune system is highly charged up by regular practice of this Mudra.
  • This Mudra affects the root chakra. Hence, diseases related to eyes are drastically reduced.
  • Breathing properties and habits are highly improved.
  • Any blockage of veins can be removed by the regular practice of this life Mudra as it regulates a proper flow of blood.
  • Concentration power can be highly increased by this Mudra. Focus and presence of mind are greatly enhanced.
  • This enhances the regulatory power of the mind. This may help in controlling most of the unregulated habits such as eating and sleeping disorders.


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