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Antonymous is an artist from Greece, Antonis first steps on practicing on sound and learning music were with a Yamaha keyboard and later on with piano lessons.

Psytrance caught his attention, as a listener, a fan, and follower, and he started through the years to expand his passion by collecting his favorites tunes.

Antonymous first parties were around 2000 and as an envelopment, he started playing DJ-sets and later on to experiment and produce his own sounds through technology, around 2008.
His project was created after releasing his first track at Sonic Loom Music and continues to evolve by exploring the psychedelic sound.

Antonis now is creating sounds of the surrounding world and beyond and he constantly explores new places and emotions that aim to take the listener on a journey where body n’ mind will follow. (

Enjoy Antonymous Latest Live at modem Festival:

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