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Drake Arnold is an artist working primarily in acrylic paint and digital media between many genres such as; psychedelic, fantasy, visionary, & surreal.

Drake studied music composition at College of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida, where he was also born and raised.

He later went on to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tampa in Digital Art.

Upon graduation, he worked as a graphics and motion designer creating corporate training animation videos for fortune 500 companies.

Waking up one morning and realizing he could predict every day for the rest of his monotonous, cubicle dwelling life.

Our protagonist decided to quit his comfortable office job in favor of seeking out unknown future possibilities in the mountainous lands of Colorado.

He resides in Fort Collins, Colorado and spends his days working full time as an Artist. He creates everything from paintings and digital illustrations to 3D prints and interactive projection mapping installations.

Drake Arnold loves traveling the country live painting at music festivals and visiting nature and the National Parks.

Some words from the Artist:

“Drawing inspiration from the earth and our natural environment, my work has been influenced by all aspects of this multifaceted life.

From the academic disciplines of mathematics, science, and philosophy to the fantastical whimsy of the imagination, my work has been informed by my life’s journey and my heart’s intuition.

I find myself using art as a means of intimately reconnecting with my most transcendental experiences and relating them to others.

Recently I have been using art as a means of expressing deeply personal experiences that I cannot convey in words alone.

I have found incredible joy in trying to take the purely experiential or conceptual and re-writing it into a new visual vernacular.

Mine is just one perspective out of the vast ocean of humanity’s infinite potential.”

Enjoy some of his artwork


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