People speak about freedom, but few of them understand the true meaning of freedom.

Many simply believe freedom means to be free from a tyrannical government. But as long as there is any form of government, one cannot be free.

For many people, they are under the impression that if they can be free from any external oppressive forces or situations, they will be free. Therefore they leave abusive situations at home or the workplace, etc.

So there are many ways that one strives for different levels of freedom.

Some oppressive forces are very easy to identify, such as a totalitarian government or an abusive spouse.

Let’s look at the dictionary meaning of freedom: The power or right to act, think or speak as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The absence of subjugation.

The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. So as we can see, there are many ways in which our freedoms are curtailed.

But our freedoms are always being curtailed, not only by oppressive governments but also by society, which has its rules, political correctness and social pressure.

We are imprisoned by our economic structure. And one of the biggest modes of enslavement is religions and cults. Religions control their flocks through fear and guilt.

They demand worship to their gods and to submit to hierarchical structures of leadership. The flocks that surrender themselves to their gods, priests and gurus become bound in chains.

Freedom 1.

As long as you care what people say or think about you, then you are allowing them to control you.

So we have so much peer pressure and family pressures. It seems people are more than willing to give up their freedoms. This is due to the fact that they are living inauthentic lives.

Therefore they are willing to give up their freedoms for some sort of security, whether it be from the government, religion, family, their job, etc.

Notice how easily people are willing to give up their freedoms for some sort of crutch to prop them up, simply because they are too weak to stand on their own two feet.

But the greatest imprisonment and slavery does not come from outside.

As long as one is identified with his mind, then he is under the complete control of his mind. The mind has imprisoned almost everyone on this planet. Notice how you are unable to refuse the dictates of the mind.

You have imprisoned yourselves and become the slaves of a diabolical mind that has stolen your identity. This is the predicament of humanity.

And all you have to do is to look at your own life, the lives of others and the world events to see that this scenario is not looking very favorable.

In our natural state of pure Being, we are completely free and sovereign. In Sovereignty I wrote:

“In your natural and pure state you are sovereign; you are the supreme power or authority to govern yourself. No one else can govern you, neither do you govern another. And this is the same for everyone in the depths of their Being. Everyone is equal. No one is above or below another, and each of us has the authority to govern himself.”

To gain back your freedom, you must give that freedom to others.

As long as you control anyone else (or try to control them), then you lose your own right to freedom.

You become bound to authorities higher than you. This is a very important aspect of freedom. We do not have the right to control others.

Everyone is screaming for freedom, yet they want to control others. And because they live inauthentic lives, they will give up their freedoms to their government, society, work, religion, friends, and family.

And worse yet, they give it up to their own minds to become imprisoned.


*This article was originally published at By Greg Calise.