Do We Need To Sit In Any Special Posture While Doing Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

No, you do not have to sit in any special posture when you’re doing Sahaja Yoga meditation.

This meditation can also be done at any time and in any form. According to Sahaja Yoga practitioners, through this meditation technique, you become one with the Spirit and then you do not have to meditate more than ten minutes to enjoy the benefits.

There aren’t any particular restrictions in this form of yoga. You can even sit in any posture while doing meditation.
While practicing Sahaja Yoga, you have to get into a state of thoughtless awareness, which is known as Nivichara.

While doing this, you have to sit quietly in one place and stop entertaining any thoughts that drift into your mind. When you can control your mind and become thoughtlessly aware, then you have to meditate for five minutes.

This isn’t too complicated and even a few minutes of meditation through Sahaja yoga can work wonders for you. Sahaja, which means simple, is actually an easy form of meditation.

Through this, you can attain self-realization and can awaken the Kundalini within you.

A good method of becoming integrated and balanced, it can increase your self-awareness and work on your nervous system. It makes you more spiritual and unifies your mind, body, and soul through a few minutes of practice.

You connect with your inner self and your spirit in those few minutes of thoughtless awareness and this makes you feel that you are so much more than just ego, a body or emotions.

This state of self-awareness used to take several years and tough meditation before the sages who practiced yoga could attain unity with the Spirit. But now, in an age when the time is in short supply, a few minutes of Sahaja Yoga is all you need to de-clutter your mind and achieve self-realization.

Also, eliminates all negative thoughts from the mind and helps to calm you. This also replaces anger and negativity with happiness and positive thoughts. Sahaja Yoga is said to awaken your kundalini quickly.

Some of the benefits of Sahaja yoga

Increasing your concentration and self-awareness, reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, making your mind calm, and unifying your mind, body, and spirit.

Thus, with hardly any time required and through any posture, you can attain self-realization by doing this simple yet fulfilling form of Sahaja yoga.


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