There are different kinds of kisses. You can demonstrate a lot of feelings and emotions with them.

But regardless of why we receive or give a kiss the health benefits of kissing are truly surprising and we are going to learn about them below.

With a  passionate kiss, you can lower blood pressure, burn calories, improve your self-esteem even it can put an end to your headaches and menstrual pains.

Lowers Blood Pressure

When you kiss passionately or receive passionate kisses, it accelerates your heart’s rhythm.

Which promotes the dilation of blood vessels and helps blood reach all of your body’s organs easier, which allows your blood pressure to lower back to normal levels, which is a huge benefit for people with hypertension.

Reduce Menstrual Pains and Headaches

Experts state that kissing can put an end to your headaches and menstrual pains. This is due to the dilating effect that it produces in your blood vessels, due to the feeling of pleasure that happens when you give or receive kisses.

Prevents Cavities

7 Reasons Why We Should Kiss More1

It is inevitable that when kissing, an exchange of saliva occurs, which increases in volume while you are kissing. This is the reason why it eliminates plaque on your teeth, which is the main cause of cavities.

Kissing Causes Cavities

A kiss has the ability to increase the production of hormones that cause happiness. Among these are dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. When these hormone levels increase, great pleasure and happiness are produced in your body.

Kissing Burns Calories

7 Reasons Why We Should Kiss More3

Kissing is a very delightful way of burning any excess calories that you may have because for every passionate kiss it is possible to burn eight to sixteen calories.

Kiss Improve Your Self Esteem

Giving and receiving kisses can improve people’s self-esteem up to one hundred percent because they feel wanted and desired. This is very important for anyone, no matter what age or gender.

Kissing as a Proof of Love

7 Reasons Why We Should Kiss More2

A kiss is the best way to know if your spouse is really the person that causes the most amount of emotions that can exist. With just one kiss, it is enough to be sure of the emotions that this person will trigger inside of us.

And What About Hugs?

In regards to hugs, they have different benefits than what kisses provide. Hugs have the ability to provide much more efficient help to those who suffer from high blood pressure because their beneficial action lowers these levels faster.

Likewise, hugs have the great ability to increase hormone production that will release oxytocin, which will cause a great feeling of happiness and pleasure.


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