Socrates was a classical Greek (Athenian) philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, and as being the first moral philosopher, of the Western ethical tradition of thought.

An enigmatic figure, he made no writings and is known chiefly through the accounts of classical writers writing after his lifetime, particularly his students Plato and Xenophon.

Socrates was born in Alopeke and belonged to the tribe Antiochis.

Plato’s dialogues are among the most comprehensive accounts of Socrates to survive from antiquity, though it is unclear the degree to which Socrates himself is “hidden behind his ‘best disciple’“.

Through his portrayal in Plato’s dialogues, Socrates has become renowned for his contribution to the fields of ethics and epistemology.

Perhaps his most important contribution to Western thought is his dialectic method of inquiry, known as the Socratic method or method of “elenchus“, which he largely applied to the examination of key moral concepts such as the Good and Justice.

Socrates exerted a strong influence on philosophers in later antiquity and in the modern era. Depictions of Socrates in art, literature and popular culture have made him one of the most widely known figures in the Western philosophical tradition.

Socrates Quotes:

1. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

2. “Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others.”

3. “Be nicer than necessary to everyone you meet. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.”

4. “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”

5. “My friend…care for your psyche…know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves”

6. “The really important thing is not to live, but to live well. And to live well meant, along with more enjoyable things in life, to live according to your principles.”

7. “The easiest and noblest way is not to be crushing others, but to be improving yourselves. ”

8. “The greatest blessing granted to mankind come by way of madness, which is a divine gift.”

9. “The highest realms of thought are impossible to reach without first attaining an understanding of compassion.”

10. “The mind is everything; what you think you become”

11. “Give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward man be at one.”

12. “By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities.”

13. “Human nature will not easily find a better helper than eros”

14. “He who would change the world should first change himself.”

15. “Knowledge will make you be free.”