Spiritual awakening symptoms refer to those sometimes subtle, but often overt signs that signal to you that you are beginning to awaken to the truth of your being.

Some of The More Obvious Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

The more obvious spiritual awakening symptoms include a greater ability for compassion.

This includes a sense of really being able to stand in someone else’s shoes, to the degree that, rather than easily finding fault, and place blame upon him, as we may have done in the past, we now feel compassion and even love, and thus, reserve judgment in favor of kindness.

It’s important to note though, that this increased sense of compassion does not make us a doormat for others to walk upon, either. And it does not mean choosing to socialize with those whom we feel little resonance with.

Harsh judgment lessens or ceases, but discernment when it comes to whom we choose to give out time to does not. In fact, spiritual awakening symptoms often include a falling away of certain relationships from our lives, that may have at one time felt quite fine. When our energy shifts, our sense of resonance also shifts, becoming more finely tuned.

The compassion we feel and extend to others in awakening spiritually is now also very much extended to self. Where we may have also judged self harshly, holding ourselves up to unrealistic expectations and ideas about how we should be, we let ourselves off the hook.

Being spiritually awake means seeing, understanding and embracing the totality of our humanity, including all of our human failings, without feeling the need to change them into something different.

One of the more overt spiritual awakening symptoms also involves a greater propensity to remain calm and at peace, regardless of what may be happening around you.

Circumstances that in the past, may have sent you reeling emotionally, now no longer have the ability to drag you around emotionally, will-nilly, by your nose. No longer do you react with knee-jerk responses when adverse circumstances arise in your experience.

Thus, it could be said that one of the most obvious spiritual awakening symptoms is a greater overall sense of well-being and peace.

Other Changes That Indicate Spiritual Awakening

The symptoms of awakening spiritually, include changes in interest, and as mentioned above, changes in the specific people you choose to hang out with.

You may find yourself suddenly losing interest in someone who you previously regarded to be great fun. You may even find yourself being less sociable in general, more interested in solitude.

Hand in hand with this arises an increasing inability to stand up for yourself whenever necessary and an ability, perhaps even necessary, to speak your truth, but now, without the fear of being judged by others that may have arisen in the past.

Overall, in awakening spiritually, there is an increase in personal integrity and a lessening of ability to engage in behaviors that you regard to be morally wrong. Behaving against your better judgment no longer rests upon choice, rather, you simply cannot move in that direction.

Spiritual Awakening

More subtle spiritual awakening signs can include, changes in appetite, changes regarding likes and dislikes of foods, and changes in sleep patterns, either needing more or less sleep.

Upheavals in physical health can also accompany spiritual awakening, but usually more at the onset, and as you move deeper into awakening, these tend to settle. Regardless, any bodily or health concerns no longer have the ability to hook you emotionally.

They are not merely tolerated, but actually accepted, even embraced, as perfect unfoldings, that is likely appearing for the purpose of taking you even deeper into the truth of your being.

Along with all these other spiritual awakening symptoms, you may experience Increased intuition, increased sensitivity to the energy of others, episodes of psychic phenomenon, synchronicity, and in general an ability to see the connection between mind/thought and what manifests, and an increased rapport with nature and animals.

To recap, below is a list of spiritual awakening symptoms. If you find yourself experiencing some or several of these symptoms, you can rest assured a spiritual shift is taking place within you.

There is nothing that you need to do now, but just stand back and allow the process of spiritual awakening to continue.

It is a process that has its own timeline and any attempt to rush things or push things along in an aggressive manner, are most likely to be counterproductive.

Simply allow yourself to Be.

List of Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms:

  • Increased sense of compassion
  • A decrease of the impulse to judge others
  • Greater ability to remain peaceful, at ease and centered emotionally regardless of circumstances
  • A greater sense of self-love and acceptance
  • Inability to act against your highest knowing or values
  • Increase in ability to speak your personal truth, to stand up for yourself
  • A decrease in worrying about what others will think of you
  • A change of interest regarding foods, sleep patterns, health status, interests or even friends you choose to hang out with


*This article was originally published at www.wisdom-of-spirit.com.