Unless we understand our inner state, we cannot change our outer conditions.

We have not one state of consciousness but many underneath our own mind.

“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state.” – James Allen

By understanding the different states of consciousness and how to access them, we can learn how to change our inner state.

When we do, our life will radically change as a byproduct of our inner transformation.

Learning how to access deeper states of consciousness allows you to open your reality to the world of your subconscious mind.

Brainwaves Frequency

What are brainwave frequencies? At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are neurons communicating within our brains.

It’s the brain electrical activity measured through sensitive equipment EEG (Electroencephalogram). When we go to sleep, we go through 4 phases of brainwave frequencies.

We can divide the distinct states into beta, alpha, theta, and delta. There is also the addition of gamma waves but it is not something reproducible.

These are the different states of consciousness our brains can produce. Our brains can only be at one state at a time, except for theta and delta.


This is our normal waking consciousness. When we are in this state, we are awake and alert.

We are fully conscious of everything around us but are aware of only one thing at a time. This is the state where we use most of logic and reasoning.

  • Brainwave cycles 15-30 Hz (cycles per second)
  • Too much Beta state increases stress, anxiety, busy thinking, and over-thinking from our inner critic


This is the dreamy and light relaxation state.

When you have a really good conversation, immersed in your favorite book or movie, or even driving a car, you feel relaxed and lose track of time.

It is the state where you lie down on the beach or at the spa. It’s also your daydreaming state of mind. Everyone goes into the alpha state during the evening.

  • Brainwave cycles 9-14Hz (cycles per second)
  • Absorb information quickly, heightens memory, visualization, learning, relaxation, and concentration


You are at deep relaxation and at the moment right before you enter sleep, in a drowsy like state. This is the realm of the subconscious mind.

When you are dreaming, you are likely in the Theta state. This is also the usual hypnosis state and the primary meditation state.

  • Brainwave cycles 4-8Hz (cycles per second)
  • Heighten inspiration, clear visualization, creativity, intuition, “gut” feeling enhanced, boost immune system, paranormal experiences


This is deep sleep, dreamless and completely unconscious territory.

It is also the state of transcendental meditation and the state of oneness. Regenerative and healing properties. It is why sleeping recovers the body.

  • Brainwave cycles 1-3Hz (cycles per second)
  • Self-healing and physical body regeneration, advanced Meditation, access to the Universal Mind (collective unconscious or higher dimension)


A Higher level of thinking and problem-solving. This is associated with peak concentration or “in the Zone” feeling.

  • Brainwave cycles 30-100Hz (cycles per second)
  • Excellent memory, self-control, high concentration, heightened sensory perception, sensitivity, speed, peace, and focus

How to Access States of Consciousness

  1. Beta: Become extremely aware of your 5 senses and surroundings. Pay close attention to your smell, taste, hearing, touch, and what you see. Naturally, you don’t need to do anything since we go into a beta state much of our lives. You will know you are in the beta state when you are fully and consciously awake.
  2. Alpha: Breath deeply Take a deep breath. Deep breathing has been known to relax the body. If you find yourself relaxed, you are in the alpha state consciousness. Anytime you are not worrying about something somewhere, you are in the alpha state.
  3. Theta: Use meditation. When under the theta state, you are in a dreamy state. Sometimes you won’t remember what happens. There is some amnesia. During your meditation, you feel deep heaviness or very light state of mind. You know that you are conscious but your body is asleep.
  4. Delta: Go to sleep. To access the delta state consciously, all you need is to go to sleep. This is pure unconsciousness. You won’t remember that you are conscious in your body.
  5. Gamma: Since this is a newly discovered brainwave, little is known how to access this state of consciousness. However, neuroscientists believed that people can train themselves to have more gamma waves through practicing love and compassion.


*This article was originally published at www.2empowerthyself.com By Den V.