The Stoned Ape Theory is one of the craziest, yet most fascinating theories I have been exposed to recently.

Terence McKenna is said to be way ahead of his time and declared a “super genius” by many of his colleagues. If you are unfamiliar with Terence McKenna, check out my article on Timewave Zero Novelty Theory.

I understand that as soon as you decide to discuss psychedelics, people tend to immediately dismiss you as crazy. I used to be one of those people who made that judgment, but as I shed through the layers of social conditioning and actually researched these substances for myself, a lot of what Terence theories make a lot of sense.

If you take a completely objective view of what Terence is saying, it is certainly possible that these “psychedelic substances” are responsible for accelerating our biological evolution.

A lot of people forget that our biological makeup consists of almost 96% chimpanzee. That is a hell of a lot of chimps, and only a small fraction of “human.

Why are we so astronomically more intelligent and technologically advanced than our chimp counterparts?

The answer lies in the power of our brains. The human brain doubled in size over a period of 2,000,000 years, and there is no exact reasoning behind this rapid growth.

What Terence McKenna describes in his theory cannot be discredited, as there is no way to put a finger on what exactly happened during this 2,000,000 year evolution of consciousness

As humans, we have the luxury of asking questions about our very own existence.

Here is a video with McKenna talking about The Stoned Ape Theory:

Chimpanzees don’t have that pleasure. They cannot look up at the stars and ponder the universe and all it contains. They are concerned with basic survival and mating rather than mapping out the cosmos.

A lot of our instinctual behavior can indeed be linked back to our chimpanzee ancestors. We still have the same biological impulses to survive and reproduce, but we also possess the gift of intelligence that trumps that of any other species on our planet.

We have the ability to ask questions, be creative, explore our consciousness, and invent new technology to aid us in our path through this temporary existence here on earth.

Where have these powers come from?

Maybe it is from this “life form” of psilocybin as Terence describes, or maybe it is from another source we have yet to discover. Either way, Terence makes a lot of sense if you can understand where he is coming from.

With his knowledge of these consciousness-expanding substances, it is certainly viable that the very nature of human beings came from our ancestors eating psychedelic mushrooms.

The wisdom contained within the psilocybin might have just taken millions of years of evolution to form a new, highly advanced species we currently have the pleasure of consciously living through.

The most important thing to remember when evaluating this theory is to look at it as objectively as possible.

All of the information that mainstream media has fed you throughout your life is simply propaganda to make you believe a certain way. In order for a fear-based society to work, public opinion must be swayed a certain way, or the power elite wouldn’t have much power to possess.

I urge you to research the facts for yourself, rather than accept what you have been told your whole life. Shedding social conditioning has much resistance involved because you will be going against the majority opinion of your fellow brainwashed drones.

Shedding social conditioning has much resistance involved because you will be going against the majority opinion of your fellow brainwashed drones.

Don’t accept anything as fact until you have made the conscious effort to independently research it. Don’t let others decide how you should think and believe.

You might find some very interesting and mind-blowing things along the way.


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