The Meaning of True Love According to Buddism

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Have you ever wondered what true love really means? Here’s how Buddhism describes it, and how really falling in love can change your life. Did you ever fall in love with someone? I did. Love and longing can drive anyone to perpetually clinging to an [...]

The Function of the Buddhist Meditation Bell

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Since ancient times, Buddhist monks and nuns have used bells as part of their daily meditation practices. Among other things, bells are considered a meditation enhancer, as they help practitioners keep their attention focused on the present moment. The sound of the meditation bell is [...]

Who Was The Laughing Buddha?

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“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Just as the candle won’t be shortened, one’s happiness never decreases by being shared.” —Gautama Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, the hedonist who turned to extreme asceticism [...]

Swastika: A Pure Spiritual Symbol

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A Navaho Singer, tracing a rainbow serpent, describes the shores of the heavenly 'whirling lake.' Upon the surface of this lake with no outlet and no bottom, he outlines with colored sand the cross of the 'whirling logs.' He carefully fashions the eight Yei figures [...]

The Shambhala Warriors Legend

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It says that this is a time when two great powers, one in the West and one in the East, are set on destruction and, though they have much in common, are focused only on the accumulation of weapons of unimaginable horror, intent on crushing [...]

Buddhism and Reincarnation

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When Buddhism has established 2,500 years ago, it incorporated the Hindu belief in reincarnation. Although Buddhism has two major subdivisions and countless variations in regional practices, most Buddhists believe in samsara or the cycle of rebirth. Samsara is governed by the law of karma: Good [...]

Mount Kailash: The 7th Earth Chakra

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Mt. Kailash is the 7th Earth Chakra. The purpose of this chakra is to broadcast Earth's signal, it's purpose, it's will. It is forbidden to even climb the mountain and there are no known reports of it ever happening despite the efforts of many. The [...]

Vajrayana Buddhism Origins and Traditions

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The main two divisions of Buddhism are Theravada, the way of the elders, and the more popular Mahayana, the bigger way, the greater raft. There is also a development of the Mahayana group, which is called Vajrayana, to mean the Diamond Way. The term "vajra" [...]

The Three Turnings of the Dharma Wheel

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There are many ways of classifying Buddha’s teachings. One of the more well-known schemes is the three turnings of the Dharma wheel or three rounds of transmission of the Dharma. Each round was taught at a different place and a different time in Buddha’s life, though [...]