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5 Amazing CBD Effects on the Brain

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While THC used to be all the rage, both scientists and consumers worldwide have become extremely intrigued by CBD effects on the brain and the body for a number of great reasons. For instance, CBD’s side effects are not nearly as worrying as THC’s. But, [...]

Magu: Goddess of Hemp and Healing

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In ancient China, the cannabis plant was a valued part of the Taoist religion, and the goddess Magu was often pictured carrying a basket of hemp and peaches. In fact, the name Magu translates directly to, “hemp maid.” Magu was a beautiful, young woman with [...]

Medicinal Cannabis and Epilepsy

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Since medicinal cannabis has become a more commonplace alternative for a well-established list of ailments, patients are finding a place for it next to their Advil and Tums. But unlike many other chronic illnesses that can be managed with over-the-counter supplements, epilepsy requires a specific [...]

MC Escher – The One-man Art Movement

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It’s an artwork that has been reproduced countless times in popular culture. But behind the familiar picture is a mysterious figure. Alastair Sooke goes in search of MC Escher. It must be one of the most familiar images in modern art: a space-distorting interior that [...]

Did Jesus Used Cannabis in His Rituals?

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Academics and theologists have debated evidence that suggests that Jesus Christ may have used cannabis in his rituals. Was Jesus a stoner? Jesus might not fit the modern definition of a „stoner“ - but there is evidence that he harnessed the medicinal power of cannabis. [...]

Benefits and Facts of Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

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I have researched any number of herbal remedies and have noted how many are famed for their aphrodisiac abilities. More often than not, these natural aphrodisiacs fall short when it comes to scientific research. Now as a man of a certain age, I am intrigued [...]

Religious Leaders Get High On Magic Mushrooms In The Name Of Science

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Johns Hopkins University has recruited priests, rabbis, and a Buddhist to test how psychedelic medicine effects religious experience. Researchers from the John Hopkins University, in Baltimore, have recruited religious leaders from many faiths to take part in an experiment, in which they will ingest psilocybin, [...]

Eating Raw Weed Could Be Good for Us

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Is it true that eating raw weed has a number of health benefits? Let’s find out. Wherever you go on the internet, the cannabis debate is hotly contested. The majority of liberals found online argue that the many laws around using cannabis were set up [...]

How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil That Relieves Pain and More

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Have you ever heard about Cannabis Coconut Oil and its benefits? There is no secret that the cannabis market is gaining popularity around the globe judging by the rising popularity of things like THC-infused sensual oil-based spray, medicated sipping cocoa among others. What’s even more [...]

The Relation Between Marijuana and Creativity

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For many people the link between cannabis and creativity is undeniable. There has been a growing need to conduct further in-depth studies on the relationship between marijuana and creativity. A group of researchers embarked on that research in Australia in 2011. The researchers conducted an [...]