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Cocaine: The Evolution of the Once Wonder Drug

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Long before drug cartels, crack wars and TV shows about addiction, cocaine was promoted as a wonder drug. Sold as a cure-all and praised by some of the greatest minds in medical history, including Sigmund Freud and the pioneering surgeon William Halsted. According to historian [...]

Coca Leaf: Much More Than a Simple Plant

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Royal official, Juan de Matienzo, once recommended to King Philip II of Spain that to do away with coca is like denying the existence of Peru. The coca leaf has been entrenched in every part of Peruvian culture for as long as people have lived [...]

12 Drugs From Ancient Civilizations and Where to Get Them

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Your heart rate is slowing and you feel a little flushed. You’re relaxed, everything seems funny, and nothing can possibly bother you. You’re probably feeling a little bit horny, or at least more so than usual. No, this is not happening in your parents’ [...]