16 Aldous Huxley Quotes to Make you Question Everything

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Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer, novelist, and philosopher. Huxley was a humanist and pacifist. He became interested in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology and philosophical mysticism, and in particular universalism. By the end of his life, Huxley was widely acknowledged as one of [...]

What are Visitation Dreams and How to Know You’ve Had One

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Visitation dreams are a form of afterlife contact that our deceased loved ones, pets and spirit guides may use to communicate with us from the other side. In a dream visitation, our deceased loved ones will visit us in a dream and their visit during that [...]

The Mystery of Intuition.

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Intuition is full of temptations. How can we keep from trying to explain something that came out of nowhere to solve a problem as something that was “sent down from above”? Intuition is often referred to as “readily available knowledge“, which has the property to [...]

Vibrational Healing – Heal Yourself With Sound and Music

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Heal Your Self With Sound and Music. “I have been using sound therapeutically since 1984 when I began my practice in massage therapy,” massage from therapist Carmen Cicotti of Lopez Island, Washington. “I remember my teacher selecting pieces of music that displayed transcendental qualities, from [...]

Pinecone Symbolism and History

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Throughout the span of recorded human history, Pinecone has served as a symbolic representation of Human Enlightenment, the Third Eye, and the Pineal Gland. Conifer Pine Trees are one of the most ancient plant genera on the planet, having existed nearly three times longer than [...]

Are You Experiencing More Intense and Vivid Dreams Lately?

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Have you noticed your dreams becoming more vivid lately? Perhaps they are more intense with vibrant colors and a great deal of action. You might also be dreaming for longer periods of time while you sleep. If this sounds like you-you are definitely not alone. [...]

How To Achieve Higher Consciousness

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What is higher consciousness — and how can you elevate yourself to a higher level? Higher consciousness has many names: collective consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, superconsciousness, and God-consciousness. Those names conjure up images of divinity and exceptionally high states of spiritual development or energetic [...]

Thought Is Energy – 4 Simple Ways Your Thoughts Can Change The World

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Did you ever say the exact same thing as someone else at the same exact time? Did you ever get a bad vibe from someone for no particular reason at all? If thought is energy, then how powerful is the human mind and what [...]

Age of Aquarius: The Next Great Age of Love and Unity

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The Age of Aquarius is causing great turmoil in order to make room for the new values of love, brotherhood, unity, and integrity. Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships. Many call [...]

Mantra: The Sacred Instrument of the Mind

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With spiritual practices like yoga and meditation becoming more popular, it seems like everyone is talking about mantras. But what exactly is a mantra and how are you supposed to use it? In our westernized, modern-day spiritual practices the word “mantra” has become as mainstream [...]