A Brief Story of Electronic Music

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In the year 1906, in the small town of Brant Rock, Massachusetts, esteemed inventor Reginald Fessenden altered the events of human history and began a new outlet for music utilizing a brand new technology: the radio. Fessenden successfully broadcasted the song “Largo” by Handels and [...]

The Origins Of Theatre And The Cultural Evolution

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The origin of theatre can be traced back to 8500 BCE when rituals, tribal dances, and rites of passage served as special kinds of human interactions created to represent, celebrate, and make sense of our lives and surroundings. Ritual performances included music, dance, chanting, and [...]

Trance Music: A Brief History

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Trance music is a form of dance music characterized by an emphasis on synthesized melodies and house style electronic 4/4 beats. Trance tracks are usually based around heavily quantized melodies, with a hypnotic and often repetitive feel (hence the name). Common sounds heard in trance [...]

Why is Music Important to Our Lives?

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It’s a question which makes us dig deeper into who we are. “ Why is music important to human beings?” Maybe it’s just like breathing. Although music is an art form, it’s so much more than that. It reaches places where no ordinary mode of [...]

10 Inspiring Books by Paulo Coelho

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The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist. In 1986, Paulo Coelho did the pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostella, [...]

The Aztec Music: Musical Instruments and Sacred Hymns

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Aztec music was a constant and important part of life. Not only was music used for enjoyment, it was a way of passing on culture, of sharing an understanding of religion, of making an emotional connection with the events of life. The importance of [...]

The History Of Apsara Dance

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If you’ve ever been to Cambodia or even done a quick Google search on the country, you’ve probably heard about traditional Apsara dance. Known for it’s elongated, elegant movements and ornate costumes, the ancient Apsara dance was revitalized in the 1940s for the Royal Cambodian [...]

Banisteriopsis Caapi: Vine of the Soul

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Family: Malpighiaceae Genus: Banisteriopsis Species: Caapi Aka: B. caapi, ayahuasca, aya, yaje, boa vine, vine of the soul, vine of the dead, ayahuasca vine What is Banisteriopsis Caapi? Banisteriopsis caapi is the main ingredient in Ayahuasca brew. Brews always contain b. caapi aka the Ayahuasca [...]

20 Things You Need To Know About Camping Festivals

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It’s definitely an experience. You’ve got to remember that. But there are a few events that make this experience organic and beautiful and that’s what makes it memorable. If you and your friends are thinking about going to a camping music festival, there a few [...]