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6 Signs Your Soul Reincarnated From A Past Life

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Have you ever looked into the eyes of a stranger and felt an instant connection? Have you ever wondered why you’re claustrophobic, or have a fear of heights? The answer could stem from a past life. In fact, it’s commonly believed that many of our [...]

13 Psychic Abilities You Might Have Without Even Realizing It

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Do you ever wonder if you have psychic abilities? Do you tend to shrug off déjà vu experiences, or consider instances of your spot-on intuition as just coincidences? Do you ignore the unusual things you experience or take a deeper look? A large majority of [...]

4 Mind-Blowing Theories For Déjà Vu

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Our brains do a lot of weird things. Take déjà vu, for example. Y’know, that eerie feeling of familiarity that creeps over you when you’re exploring a totally foreign part of town or watching a movie you know you haven’t seen. Believe it or not, [...]