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30 of the Most Disturbing Human Experiments

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Disturbing human experiments aren’t something the average person thinks too much about. Rather, the progress achieved in the last 150 years of human history is an accomplishment we’re reminded of almost daily. Achievements made in fields like biomedicine and psychology mean that we no longer [...]

Biofeedback Therapy Benefits, Uses and How Does It Work

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Biofeedback therapy teaches individuals how to improve their physical and mental health by controlling their bodies. Normally, certain autonomic bodily functions happen without conscious thought, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion. Biofeedback therapy increases awareness of these functions, so individuals can learn to [...]

15 Mind-Altering Quotes By Timothy Leary

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Timothy Leary was an American psychologist and writer known for advocating the exploration of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions. Timothy Leary conducted experiments under the Harvard Psilocybin Project when LSD and psilocybin were still legal in the United States. Timothy Leary [...]

Dental Plaque Can Reveal Drug Use In Ancient Human History

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The poor dental hygiene of ancient people could provide a glimpse into their drug habits. By testing the ancient plaque on the teeth of people who died thousands of years ago, researchers can now tell whether or not they were smoking tobacco, drinking coffee, or [...]

Rhodiola Rosea: Ancient Antidepressant Herb

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Rhodiola Rosea, also known as golden root or roseroot, is a wild herb widely known for its medicinal properties, including being a natural antidepressant. Rhodiola Rosea has green flowers and grows in cold regions of the world, including the Arctic and mountainous parts of Europe. [...]

6 Natural Solutions Against Insomnia

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Sleeping pills are big business: About 1 in 25 adults have taken a prescription sleep medicine against insomnia in the last month, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control. And according to Consumer Reports, Americans spent $41 billion on sleep aids and remedies in [...]

5 Natural Methods to Help Us Quit Smoking

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Like every other drug, smoking is addictive. And is extremely hard to give up. You know it’s bad for you, there’s enough press about that, but it doesn’t mean you can give up “just like that”. There are a number of methods out there to [...]

Datura Stramonium: Medicinal Uses, Side Effects and Benefits

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Datura stramonium is an herbaceous perennial plant, which is grown in the temperate and tropical region of the globe. All the species of Datura are poisonous in nature. Some are an aphrodisiac too. The seeds and flowers are more poisonous in nature. Sometimes, datura is termed [...]

Cocaine: The Evolution of the Once Wonder Drug

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Long before drug cartels, crack wars and TV shows about addiction, cocaine was promoted as a wonder drug. Sold as a cure-all and praised by some of the greatest minds in medical history, including Sigmund Freud and the pioneering surgeon William Halsted. According to historian [...]

This Hallucinogenic Fish Was Used By The Romans As A Recreational Drug

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The Ancient Romans were known for fully utilizing the land around them and used a variety of nature for an array of uses. But something that was not quite as well known to the Romans was that they used a fish called Sarpa salpa as [...]