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Top 14 James Lovelock Quotes

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James Lovelock, is an independent scientist, environmentalist, and futurist. He is best known for proposing the Gaia hypothesis, which postulates that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system. In the 2000s, James Lovelock proposed a method of climate engineering to restore carbon dioxide-consuming algae. He [...]

Gaia: The Ancestral Mother of All Life

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In Greek mythology, Gaia (from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of Γῆ Gē, "land" or "earth"), also spelled Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life, the primal Mother Earth [...]

The Gaia Theory

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 In the 1970s, the chemist James Lovelock proposed the Gaia Theory or Gaia Hypothesis, named after the Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia. The Gaia Hypothesis proposed that life on Earth is a self-regulating system involving the biosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the pedosphere (skin [...]