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Moonstone Physical and Healing Properties

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Moonstone is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world, owing to its alleged ability to bring good luck to the person who possesses it. Whether you believe in its ability or dismiss it as a mere superstition, you can't deny the fact that [...]

Jade Gemstone: A Stone of Peace and Calm

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Jade gemstone is one of the healing stones that has been used extensively in the past, especially in the ancient Eastern civilizations. This stone is therefore equally an ancient decorative mineral as it is a modern therapeutic tool. Jades are stones of peace and calm [...]

Root Chakra – Guide for Health and Balance

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The root chakra is the foundation of the chakra system, as such its health and proper functions are an absolute prerequisite for living a balanced and fulfilling life. The root chakra is known as the first chakra and is usually associated with the color red. [...]