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The Global Brain Hypothesis

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The global brain is a neuroscience-inspired and futurological vision of the planetary information and communications technology network that interconnects all humans and their technological artifacts. As this network stores ever more information, takes over ever more functions of coordination and communication from traditional organizations and [...]

Zero Waste Living: A Guide to Living a Waste-Free Life

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Do you feel strongly about zero waste living? Do you find it hard to adopt zero waste living and want some tips on reducing the amount of rubbish you produce? Well, I don’t pretend to know it all but I’ve been passionate about reducing waste [...]

Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions

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Climate change can be defined as a change in climate variables, especially temperature and rainfall that occur gradually over a long period of time between 50-100 years. The changes caused by human activity (anthropogenic) should be understood, especially those related to fossil fuel consumption and [...]