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The Doors of Perception: A Philosophical Essay By A. Huxley

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Disconcertingly, given the detailed discussions of art and the visual world in The Doors Of Perception, Aldous Huxley was almost blind. Or, at least, some people said he was. Like much else in Huxley's life, the state of his vision was a source of considerable [...]

This Hallucinogenic Fish Was Used By The Romans As A Recreational Drug

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The Ancient Romans were known for fully utilizing the land around them and used a variety of nature for an array of uses. But something that was not quite as well known to the Romans was that they used a fish called Sarpa salpa as [...]

Amanita Muscaria Myths and Folkore

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Think of any fairy tale illustration of elves or goblins sitting on or under a toadstool, and most likely the cap of such a fungus will be bright red with white spots. The autumnal abundance and vibrant colors of the Amanita Muscaria make it probably [...]

Citrus Trees Have Huge Amounts of Dimethyltryptamine

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It may surprise you to learn that common citrus trees like oranges and lemons are actually Schedule I substances, in the same legal category as heroin. I know it sounds absurd, but it is absolutely true. A Recent analysis published in the Journal of Agricultural [...]

Fly Agaric Mushroom: Is it Poisonous or Hallucinogenic?

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The Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria, is one of the most recognizable mushrooms in the world even if most people have no idea what you’re supposed to call it. People have seen it depicted in drawings and video games their entire life. (The Mario World games [...]