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Birthday Number Seven: Meaning and Characteristics

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If you are interested in numerology, you probably know that every single number has a certain power and meaning depending on whether it is a life path number, number of your birth month, or number of your birthday. These numbers characterize your personality, your strengths, [...]

16 Quotes To Inspire Our Life by Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou born Marguerite Annie Johnson, was an American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights, activist. Maya Angelou became a poet and writer after a series of occupations as a young adult. Including fry cook, sex worker, a nightclub dancer, and performer, cast member of the [...]

10 Things We Should Try When We’re Feeling Lonely

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Although my writing often focuses on chronic illness, anyone can feel the pain to be lonely. I hope the tips in this article will be helpful for everyone: 1. Don’t blame yourself in any way, shape, or form. Trust me, it will only make you [...]