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Bodh Gaya: The City of Enlightenment

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Situated on the bank of river Niranjana, in the Indian state of Bihar, lies the small town of Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya, or Buddha-Gaya as it was popularly called in the 19th century, is a sacred place for Buddhists all over the world. As this [...]

Blue Lotus Flower: The Sacred Way Egyptians Got High

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There is a mysterious image that has appeared time and again in thousands upon thousands of pieces of ancient Egyptian art. The blue lotus flower looks almost fan-like across many of the images found in tomb paintings, papyrus scrolls, sculptures, and even on headdresses. For [...]

Lotus Flower Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

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Find out about the symbolism associated with the Lotus Flower The Lotus is a plant that belongs to the Nelumbo genus, and it has long been associated with purity, rebirth, and divinity. Some, but not all, of the lotus flower symbolism is different across the [...]