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8 Open Minded Quotes from Rick Strassman

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We have collected for you 8 quotes from Rick Strassman, an American medical doctor specialized in psychiatry. Rick Strassman was born on February 8, 1952, in Los Angeles, California. He is a medical doctor specialized in psychiatry with a fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology research. Rick Strassman was the [...]

Treating Depression with Psychedelics

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Treating Depression is a challenging and often long-term condition that can be very difficult to treat. In clinical studies, psychedelics have shown the significant long-term positive impact on mood, even when used in just a single session. Many people who have suffered from depression and [...]

12 Drugs From Ancient Civilizations and Where to Get Them

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Your heart rate is slowing and you feel a little flushed. You’re relaxed, everything seems funny, and nothing can possibly bother you. You’re probably feeling a little bit horny, or at least more so than usual. No, this is not happening in your parents’ [...]

The Love Drug May be FDA-Approved for Psychotherapy by 2021

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Mental illness is highly prevalent among veterans, often triggered by their deployment. According to the American Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), between ten to thirty percent of veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – a reactionary anxiety disorder that develops in some people following [...]