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An Overview of Spearmint (Mentha Viridis)

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Spearmint (binomial Mentha spicata, synonym Mentha Viridis), also known as garden mint, common mint, lamb mint, and mackerel mint. Is a species of mint native to much of Europe and Asia (Middle East, Himalayas, China etc.), and naturalized in parts of northern and western Africa, [...]

How to Make Nutmeg Oil and It’s Benefits

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Numerous studies have already shown that nutmeg essential oil and its chemical compounds have beneficial properties that make it useful for the prevention of various conditions. Including cardiovascular diseases, bacterial and viral infections, and even cancer. In one research, it was found that the nutmeg [...]

How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil That Relieves Pain and More

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Have you ever heard about Cannabis Coconut Oil and its benefits? There is no secret that the cannabis market is gaining popularity around the globe judging by the rising popularity of things like THC-infused sensual oil-based spray, medicated sipping cocoa among others. What’s even more [...]

Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits

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The black seed known as the black cumin seed encases an important medicinal oil that been used for centuries in Arabian, African and Asian countries it is indigenous to. Modern research is validating its many traditional uses for diseases like asthma, according to a 2003 [...]